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Crazy People Are Dangerous: Did This Feminist Just Endorse Holocaust Denial?

Posted on | May 2, 2020 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous: Did This Feminist Just Endorse Holocaust Denial?


Let me start by saying that I am not sure Lux Alptraum is actually a woman, considering her interest in transgenderism and homosexuality, but that’s scarcely relevant to her decision to reinterpret the Holocaust from a perspective that views Jews as possessors of “white privilege.”

On the other hand, perhaps it is relevant whether Lux Alptraum is transgender, in terms of how Third Wave gender theory relies on the postmodernist ideology of Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, et al, insisting that there is no such thing as a natural structure of human society. The postmodernist can argue that up is down, black is white, male is female — anything can be made its opposite, if you believe that no binary is valid.

So the problem of anti-Semitism in black culture ceases to be problematic when, by the prestidigitation of Third Wave “intersectional” theory, Lux
Alptraum invokes “institutional power” as an excuse. Thus black violence against Jews — which has become widespread in New York City — isn’t really dangerous because the “proximity to whiteness” means that Jews deserve to get bashed in the head, or something. Lux Alptraum never provides a coherent syllogism, instead walking away with the declaration that “terrible takes” on Twitter make further discussion impossible.

Notice that Lux Alptraum falls back on identity politics, saying that as a descendant of Holocaust survivors, her argument could not possibly be viewed as excusing anti-Semitism or being disrespectful of Holocaust victims. In other words, she’s invoking her Jewishness as a privilege, saying that because she is a Jew, she should be exempt from criticism for making arguments that are offensive (and possibly dangerous) to Jews.

This is a GPS-coordinated trip to insanity. By making membership in an identity group the determining factor in the validity of arguments, the “social justice warriors” undermine basic moral truth, so that whether an action is right or wrong depends on who is doing it. This is an adaptation of Lenin’s notorious formula for terror: “Who, whom?”

No one can advocate this totalitarian worldview without risking the consequence that their enemies will turn it against them, but young fools like Lux Alptraum are ignorant of this lesson of history.

UPDATE: In case you’re wondering how “Anne Frank Is a Becky” got started, a black nationalist who goes by the name of Gazi Kodzo began it with a rant that got him suspended from Twitter.


What does it say about Lux Alptraum that she was trying to engage seriously with such hateful craziness? Birds of a feather . . .

Oh, and if want more of this? Vote Democrat!



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