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How to Ruin Your Life (or Down the Rabbit Hole With a Deer-Sexual)

Posted on | May 25, 2020 | 1 Comment

Stephan Robert Loehr was a promising young man from an affluent family. His maternal grandfather was a successful engineer, while his father was a cardiologist. Attending high school in Chapel Hill, N.C., young Stephan was tall and popular and seemed destined for a bright future, like his older brother, who followed in their father’s footsteps to become a physician. Unfortunately, Stephan was spoiled and lazy, and spent way too much time playing videogames, so he attended a rather obscure university where he was a member of their competitive videogame team, but didn’t accomplish much in the way of academics.

You’ll notice I’m using past-tense verbs to describe who Stephan Loehr was, and I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Oh, he’s dead now?”

Not exactly. “Dead-named,” yes, but still alive. Because you see, he now insists on being referred to with the pronouns “she/her,” and is known by the online handle “FerociouslySteph.” Brace yourself before you go any further, because this situation is painful.


In November 2018, at age 25, “Steph” underwent surgical castration as part of her, uh, transgender journey. “She” is now living in Washington State, and almost no one ever would have known that this person was the doctor’s son from North Carolina, except that earlier this month, “Steph” somehow got named to be a member of the newly created “Safety Advisory Council” for the Amazon-owned videogame streaming site Twitch, and everybody suddenly went berserk. You see, it turned out that “Steph” had a rather problematic history that included:

  1. Claiming that the videogame community was full of “white supremacists”;
  2. Protesting that voice-chat programs in online games were discriminatory against women and other minorities;
  3. Making insulting remarks about dyslexic people.



Also, it turned out, “Steph” was apparently in some kind of weird three-way open relationship with another tranny and an actual woman, and “Steph” is part of the “furry” community, identifying as “deerkin.” Oh, and I almost forget that, after being named to the Safety Advisory Council, “Steph” boasted that other gamers should fear “her” power.

All of this information came bubbling up to the surface when somebody who knew “Steph” during his high-school days did a doxx on KiwiFarms. And I learned about it from the sidebar at AOSHQ.

Y’know, if you’re looking for someone to put in charge of “safety” on your website, is a polyamorous tranny deerkin eunuch the best choice?

Bonus? Grandpa was a Nazi soldier!



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