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Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Posted on | June 3, 2020 | 1 Comment


Matthew Lee Rupert is not exactly a criminal mastermind. His career of felonious stupidity began as a teenager, when he stole a van in his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois, and drove it into a ditch:

The van was found in a ditch just outside of Galesburg. Police found Rupert walking in the area where the van was located.
Police discovered footprints in the snow where the van had been parked and, after taking a picture of the bottom of Rupert’s shoes, found the tread to be a match.

That was 2009. Two years ago, Rupert was again facing felony charges:

A Galesburg man pleaded not guilty to charges of having stolen firearms.
Matthew L. Rupert, 24, entered that plea following his preliminary hearing Monday afternoon before Circuit Judge Raymond Cavanaugh. The judge had found probable cause during the evidentiary hearing and the case will progress to a pretrial hearing May 7.
Rupert is charged with felony counts of aggravated possession of stolen firearms, delivery of a stolen firearm, two counts of possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a firearm with defaced serial identification markings and theft.
Those same offenses, except charged under the accountability theory, have been filed against Amanda J. Cutler, 27, Bailey Avenue, as well.
While Rupert is out of custody after posting $7,500 bond, Cutler remains in jail. She went before Circuit Judge Scott Shipplett about two weeks ago for a bail reduction hearing that was ultimately denied.

You might think that charges as serious as these would have been enough to put Rupert behind bars for a long time, but this happened in Illinois, a state controlled by Democrats, which means that criminals are more or less allowed to roam free because . . . “social justice” or whatever.

Let’s pause, for a moment, to discuss #BlackLivesMatter and the consequences thereof. Everyone is against racism and police brutality, but this is not what #BlackLivesMatter is actually about. The real agenda is to help elect Democrats by demonizing police and inciting anti-white hatred, thus to “energize” black voters. This, in turn, is connected to promises of “criminal justice reform” which, in practical terms, means that criminals seldom face serious prison time. While this agenda is intended to pander to the black community, it results in a relaxation of law enforcement that also sets free many white felons, including dangerously stupid criminals like Matthew Lee Rupert:

A man from downstate Galesburg who allegedly appears on video rioting, looting and urging attacks against the police has been hit with what appears to be the first federal criminal charge related to the violence this weekend in Chicago.
Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, has been charged in an eight-page criminal complaint in federal court in Minnesota with civil disorder, carrying on a riot and possession of unregistered destructive devices. The complaint alleges Rupert participated in looting and rioting in Minneapolis in response to the police killing of George Floyd before moving on to Chicago.
In a removal hearing held by telephone Monday before U.S. District Chief Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer in Chicago, Rupert maintained his innocence through his attorney but didn’t challenge being taken in custody back to Minnesota. . . .
Allegations in the criminal complaint against Rupert largely revolve around a Facebook account for “El Ricco Rupert.” Rupert allegedly used that page to announce Thursday night that, “I’m going to Minneapolis tomorrow who coming only goons I’m renting hotel rooms.”
The next day, Rupert allegedly posted video to his Facebook account suggesting he was in Minneapolis. The video appeared to be filmed by Rupert while he was holding his cell phone, according to an FBI special agent’s affidavit. The video was marked “live” and lasted roughly two hours, records show. Authorities allege he passed out explosives, encouraged others to throw explosives at police and appeared to light a building on fire.
At one point, Rupert allegedly said, “There are SWAT trucks up there. They got SWAT trucks up there . . . I’ve got some bombs if some of you all want to throw them back . . . bomb them back . . . here I got some more . . . light it and throw it.” As he made the comments, Rupert allegedly handed out an item with brown casing and a green wick to others.
Rupert allegedly went on to break into a boarded-up liquor store, claimed to set a fire to a Sprint store and then took videos of himself taking items from an Office Depot.
The next day, Rupert allegedly suggested on Facebook he might head next to Chicago and he allegedly posted multiple videos early Sunday indicating he had arrived. He is allegedly seen with others near Van Buren and Dearborn wearing an American flag bandana and a white baseball cap. In one video, Rupert allegedly said he was at “South Plymouth and Ida B. Wells” waiting for his brother.
Rupert is allegedly heard on the video saying something to the effect of “let’s start a riot” and “I’m going to start doing some damage.” The feds say Rupert went into a merchant store but found the cash register empty, so he moved on to a convenience store. He allegedly is seen on video putting items in his backpack, and he references having boxes of tobacco products in his backpack.
Chicago police arrested Rupert and others at 2:21 a.m. Sunday for violating Chicago’s emergency curfew, according to the complaint. When police searched his vehicle, they found “several destructive devices” similar to what he had been using in Minneapolis, it states. He also had a hammer, a flashlight and cash.

Stupidity is not a federal crime, otherwise more Democrats would be in prison, but Rupert’s extreme stupidity — posting evidence of his terrorist spree on Facebook — is worthy of special consideration.



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