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After They Kill All the Cops, What Then?

Posted on | June 15, 2020 | Comments Off on After They Kill All the Cops, What Then?

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
The Dark Knight, 2008

One of the weirdest things about dealing with sociopaths is what it teaches you about human nature. If you are a decent person, you admire traits like honesty and kindness, and strive to uphold such values in your own life. Your interaction with the sociopath is shocking — emotionally disorienting — because the sociopath’s value system is the exact opposite. The sociopath takes perverse pride in his ability to deceive others, and gets a perverse thrill from sadistic cruelty. In the sociopath’s upside-down worldview, law-abiding decent people are chumps underserving of respect, who exist only to be swindled or otherwise exploited, and there is no one the sociopath hates more than those who, by the exercise of lawful authority, have the power to hold him accountable for his wrongdoing.

One of the most frightening aspects of “The Return of the Riot Ideology,” as I’ve called it, is the widespread demonization of police. Beyond the deliberate incitement of anti-white racial animosity — a very dangerous game, with a huge potential for an ugly backlash — you see a lot of young white radicals whose attitude is like the Joker, a purely destructive nihilism. How do young people develop such an antisocial worldview? What inspires this disrespect for authority, the desire to march around shouting angry slogans, defacing buildings with graffiti, smashing windows, destroying monuments? What sort of culture are these people immersed in as children, that they grow up thinking it’s cool to celebrate chaos and ugliness? What kind of future do they imagine in a godless world without courtesy, without law, without social order? Because that is where their anti-police rhetoric must inevitably lead.

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”
Romans 13:1-2 (KJV)

If Paul could say this to the early Christians, living under the yoke of Roman tyranny, how much more does it apply to us, living as we are under a democratic form of government? Rulers “beareth not the sword in vain,” as Paul said, and any self-professed Christian who has not properly understood this doctrine needs to shut their mouth until they have learned it. As I have pointed out before, my son enlisted in the Army in 2013, when Barack Obama was Commander-in-Chief, and he re-enlisten in October 2016, when every pundit and pollster was certain that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. My son swore an oath to uphold “the powers that be,” and his opinion as to the policy and politics of these powers was not solicited. Police are in the same sort of position, and those who encourage disrespect for law enforcement are encouraging lawlessness, whether they admit this or not. That the “mostly peaceful” protests lead to rioting, looting and arson is not surprising to anyone wise enough to understand this. Bad causes attract bad people, and there are few causes worse than the anti-police mentality that demonizes all cops by the tactics of atrocity propaganda. The Wendy’s in Atlanta was apparently set on fire by a white woman, and what did she intend to achieve by this “mostly peaceful” act of arson?


Destroying a business is an act from which no one benefits. At least the mob looting Walmart gain something of value by their crimes, but what does someone gain by burning down Wendy’s? Nothing.

Arson and vandalism are purely destructive. Smashing a window, defacing a public building with graffiti, tearing down a statue — these are expressions of a destructive spirit, and anyone who defends this by saying “it’s only property” is displaying their own ignorance. It took many hours of labor to construct what the vandal defaces or destroys. What is the value of our lives, except the product of our labor? The progress of civilization — our ability to live above the level of abject poverty — becomes impossible if we are unable to protect the accumulated value of our labor. Property rights are human rights, in this sense, because no one will have any rights worth mentioning if we descend into savagery.

Consider the case of the “liberated” Seattle neighborhood that has become the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). During some kind of indoctrination session in CHAZ this weekend, one of the commissars invoked the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror.

The French Revolution was wrong from the beginning, as any reader of Burke should know, and it ended in the dictatorship of Napoleon. What do we suppose will result from the revolution that the commissars of CHAZ seek to incite? Did I mention they have an armed warlord?

What are they protesting against in CHAZ? What is their grievance? Can it be that Seattle, one of the most ultra-progressive cities on the continent, is guilty of racism and police brutality? If anyone has made such a claim, I missed it. There was no logical reason why the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis should inspire an armed revolutionary junta to take over a Seattle neighborhood 1,600 miles away.

When behavior cannot be explained by logic and apparent facts, we must assume that there is some hidden motive involved. There must be a reason for the takeover in CHAZ and, it is self-evidentl that their intentions are not peaceful. What they want is dead cops, and they will continue their deliberate provocations until they get what they want.

No one’s life or property is safe within CHAZ. The mayor has likened it to a “block party,” and most conservative commentators have treated CHAZ as a joke, but there are people inside that “autonomous zone” are who are not joking about their revolutionary goals. How many serious “antifascist” revolutionaries are there in CHAZ? Perhaps fewer than a dozen, but the revolutionary core is attracting into its orbit many reckless and impulsive young people, the makings of a violent mob, and sooner or later, this mob will commit an atrocity that requires a police response. And then the situation will turn into urban guerrilla warfare.

That’s how I expect events to unfold, anyway. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe what’s going on in Seattle is just a clown show, a ridiculous carnival being staged with the permission of the city’s liberal mayor, who has calculated that she will suffer no political damage from letting these animal run wild over a few city blocks for a couple of months. But CHAZ is an expression of the demonic spirit of lawlessness unleashed upon our nation by those sociopaths who “just want to watch the world burn.”



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