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Why Does New York Hate Freedom?

Posted on | June 25, 2020 | 1 Comment


New Yorkers are not allowed to celebrate the Fourth of July:

More than a dozen people were arrested in separate fireworks busts across New York City as part of a new crackdown.
Two men in Staten Island were arrested on Tuesday as part of the crackdown.
The FDNY posted pictures of the $6,000 worth of fireworks fire marshals found in the suspects’ car.
Matthew King, 35, and Rayval Singh, 22, will face charges of reckless endangerment and the unlawful dealing of fireworks.
Fire marshals were conducting surveillance near the Goethals Bridge to try to intercept illegal fireworks being brought into the city.
Also, Deputy Sheriff Fireworks Task Force Officers arrest two people in Canarsie, Brooklyn, for unlawfully dealing with fireworks and dangerous fireworks valued at more than $2,000 that were trafficked from Pennsylvania.
In the Bronx, officials say two more people were arrested after being caught selling fireworks out of their vehicle last week.
A buyer was also summonsed. The fireworks were confiscated, and the vehicle was seized for forfeiture.
Another bust in the Bronx on Wednesday led to the arrests of 12 more people and the confiscation of two rifles and a handgun.
FDNY Fire Marshals also arrested Jeffrey Andrew Lee, 25, for possession of approximately $2,500 worth of illegal fireworks. Lee was arrested in Manhattan by Fire Marshals investigating and conducting surveillance regarding illegal fireworks in our city. He is charged with reckless endangerment and the unlawful dealing of fireworks.
And not far from the city in Yonkers, cops busted a 34-year-old man for selling illegal fireworks from the trunk of his car. Police found 28 cases of fireworks valuing about $10,000.

Every patriotic American enjoys shooting “extremely dangerous” illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July, but patriotism is illegal in New York. Meanwhile in West Virginia, where “extremely dangerous” fireworks are actually legal — because freedom! — our family has accumulated a supply that would probably send us to prison in New York. We are grateful to readers who support this patriotic celebration.




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