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White Supremacists in Kentucky Defeat Black Candidate’s Senate Campaign

Posted on | June 30, 2020 | Comments Off on White Supremacists in Kentucky Defeat Black Candidate’s Senate Campaign


Oh, sure, Democrats say “Black Lives Matter,” but they don’t really mean it, not if a black man’s campaign for the Senate might impede the political ambitions of one of their handpicked white favorites:

In a tighter race than expected, former Marine pilot Amy McGrath has been declared the winner of the Kentucky primary to win the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination.
The race went back and forth the past two days as results trickled in, ultimately ending in McGrath fending off Charles Booker.
Booker pulled off wins in Kentucky’s biggest counties, Jefferson (his home) and Fayette, but it wasn’t enough to keep him afloat. A vast majority of counties went to McGrath. . . .
The outcome seemed a certainty early in the campaign but became tenuous as Booker’s profile surged. The Louisville lawmaker got a boost in support as he moved into city streets, joining the fights for justice in the deaths of Black Americans there and across the country.

This is what most people don’t understand about politics. For us — the vast majority of Americans, who are neither activists nor politicians — politics is about electing a government which will implement policies that advance our interests and promote the general well-being of society. Because each of us has our own individual interests, of course we will often disagree about public policy, but we each form our assessment based on whether we think government policy is good or bad for us. Political parties exist to provide organized action on behalf of the interests and policy preferences of their constituent coalitions.

However, politics means something else to members of the political class. For them, politics is a vehicle for their own selfish ambition, their craving for power, money and reputation. And this is why Chuck Schumer, despite his oft-declared support for Black Lives Matter, was 100% against Charles Booker’s campaign in Kentucky. Black people only matter to Schumer insofar as they provide votes to help Democrats win elections and, however much black voters matter in terms of winning the Kentucky election, Schumer (and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership) have cynically calculated that white women matter more.

And guess what? They’re probably right. The demographics of Kentucky are such that it is probably impossible for a black Democrat to win statewide office there, but because of the gender gap (i.e., feminists won’t vote for men) it’s also probably impossible for a white man ever to win the Democratic nomination, and so therefore the only chance Democrats have to defeat Mitch McConnell is to nominate a white woman.

What is astonishing in all this — not just the result of the Kentucky primary, but in the drift of American politics generally — is how willing black voters are to be led to the slaughter, thus to fatten the coffers, and enhance the power, of the Democratic Party. All that is necessary for Democrats to get 90+ percent of the black vote is to point the finger at Republicans and yell, “RAAAAACIST!” Four decades of this name-calling routine have apparently hypnotized a majority of the black population to such an extent that they never even ask the most basic question about politics: “What’s in it for me?”

How would they begin to answer such a question? How can a black man in Chicago, Baltimore or St. Louis say that the policies of the Democratic Party have benefitted him? Or, considering what a wretched desolation Democrats have made of our nation’s major cities, how does the black voter imagine that Republican policies might make his situation worse?

Probably these voters could offer some rhetoric in defense of voting Democrat, in the same way a junkie can argue in favor of heroin, but the basic mechanism of this alliance seems to be simple spite: Perceiving that a majority of white people in America vote Republican, the typical black voter is a Democrat, because they have become the anti-white party by default. In much the same way, and for similar reasons, feminists vote for Democrats as an expression of their hatred of men.

Politics based on vindictive hatred — which is what “social justice” ultimately means — is not likely to yield policies beneficial to the mindless mobs summoned to cast their ballots as a weapon of revenge. Chuck Schumer and the other leaders of the Democratic Party believe they can win the fall election by inciting racial hatred, and believe that black voters will never get wise to the hustle being perpetrated. Democrats think black people are too stupid to realize they’re being hustled, and yet they dare to call Republicans racist?



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