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Death of a White Man

Posted on | July 20, 2020 | 1 Comment

Probably no one will mourn the passing of Sean Ruis, who flipped out last week in a Michigan convenience store when the clerk refused him service because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Ruis reacted by stabbing a 77-year-old man, and was subsequently gunned down by a sheriff’s deputy:

For her part, Gov. Whitmer said she was “incredibly sad” about the incident. “I cannot ever pretend that I understand someone who would become murderous over wearing a piece of cloth on your face,” Whitmer told reporters Wednesday. “But what I can say is that violence is never the solution.”
Because the knife-wielding dead man was white, nobody rioted after he was shot to death. No statues were toppled, no stores were looted, no sports teams were renamed. White people getting shot by cops doesn’t interest the national media or arouse the outrage of “social justice” activists, so there were no angry protest mobs chanting outside Gov. Whitmer’s office, blaming her for Sean Ruis’s death.
Crime is only of interest to the national media when such stories can be used to advance the political agenda of the Democratic Party. . . .

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