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In The Mailbox: 07.28.20

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Red Pilled Jew: The Virus As Simon Phoenix (Part 1 of 2)
357 Magnum: Security Cameras Don’t Make You Safe
EBL: Mike Adams, RIP
Twitchy: Too Good To Check? Protland Rioter Identified From Grandma’s Review Of The Vest She Bought Him
Louder With Crowder: 300 Kids Get Dropped Off At Memphis Mini-Golf & a Riot Ensues
Vox Popoli: RIP Laurie Bluedorn, also, The Myth Of A Free Nation

Adam Piggott: Doctors Be Like, How Many Likes Did My Selfie Get?
American Conservative: “American Stormtroopers” – A Bright Shining Lie
American Greatness: Rep. Jordan Begins Barr Hearing With Brutal Video Highlighting Antifa Violence, Looting, & Rioting
American Power: LA County Removes Homeless From Freeway Underpasses
American Thinker: The Seditious Among Us
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Fusion News
Babalu Blog: Biden VP Candidate Karen Bass Was Organizer For Veneceremos Brigades
Baldilocks: Some Blogging You May Have Missed More Than Once
BattleSwarm: Will Russia’s T-14 Armata Ever See The Battlefield? also, NVidia Surpasses Intel In Market Cap
Cafe Hayek: Compulsion Initiated Against Neighbors Isn’t Neighborly
CDR Salamander: We May Need An Intervention For Our Navy-USMC Team
Da Tech Guy: The Left’s Southern Article Of Faith Collides With The Data, also, Three Strikes And I’m Out
Don Surber: Biden Is In Trouble, also, Buffett Banks On A Trump Win
The Geller Report: Democrats Unanimously Vote Against Resolution Condemning Violence & Rioting, also, Barr Beats Back Bullying Dems
Hogewash: This Is Named For a Distant Cousin, also, They’re Only Kidding
Hollywood In Toto: Basement Biden Also MIA From Late Night
JustOneMinute: Biden’s VP Pick
The Lid: No Legal Knowledge Required To Be Attorney General, Because No Answers Allowed
Legal Insurrection: #BLM Roadblock Tactic Ambushes Drivers, Leading To Violent Confrontations, also, 1619 Project Creator Admits It’s Not A History
The PanAm Post: Murky Money From Iran Puts Pablo Iglesias In The Spanish Judiciary’s Crosshairs, also, Spanish Intellectuals Oppose Cancel Culture
Power Line: Who Is Behind The Anti-Police Campaign? also, Attorney General Barr Speaks
Shark Tank: Republican Congressional Lawn Signs Being Stolen, Damaged
Shot In The Dark: In Much The Same Way OJ Was Searching For The “Real Killers”
The Political Hat: An Example Of Actual Institutional Privilege
This Ain’t Hell: Stolen Valor Cases Rising Amidst Pandemic, also, Now That’s An ND!
Victory Girls: Dem Rep Hakeem Jeffries – Trump Only Cares About Himself
Volokh Conspiracy: E-Mails To Sen. McConnell Found Not Criminally Threatening
Weasel Zippers: Twitter Locks Donald Trump Jr’s Account For Sharing HCQ Video, also, Chicago Residents Say They Want Federal Troops
Mark Steyn: Christmas In July, also, Reindeer Games

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