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‘ The Battle for the Survival of the United States of America Is Upon Us’

Posted on | August 15, 2020 | 2 Comments

Let’s face it — Abe Greenwald knows how to start an essay. His opening sentence is a blunt declaration of a startling thesis which, nonetheless, Greenwald is able to sustain by evidence:

The police are indeed being defunded. The statues are coming down. The heretics are being outed. The dissenters are being silenced. The buildings are burning, and the demands are ever growing. . . .
As of this writing, Portland, Oregon, has endured more than two months straight of anarchist violence directed at federal buildings and employees. In other cities—New York, Los Angeles, Richmond, Omaha, and Austin, to name a few—mob violence continues to erupt regularly, always connected to cries for justice and sometimes resulting in death. Accelerating the general dissolution, police forces have been successfully hobbled in response to the killing of George Floyd, and the resulting spike in murder and violent crime shows no sign of abating. All the while, armchair lynch mobs have continued to claim the scalps of those who veer from or merely stumble on the path to social-justice enlightenment. It is the full-time job of any American with a public presence to bow down before the identity cult. Professional athletes have mutated overnight into a congeries of Kaepernicks. As for the public, 62 percent of all Americans, according to a poll by the CATO Institute, now say they’re afraid to voice their political views lest they be punished professionally.
Leading media organizations, as they did from the start, lend their approval to all of it. After months of defending chaos in the streets as “mostly peaceful,” the media elite is openly covering for a movement whose defining features are intimidation and mass violence. And having completed their Internet-assigned reading in black–white relations, a majority of Americans (56 percent, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll) now find the United States guilty as charged of systemic racism. . . .

Keep in mind that this isn’t coming from some fringe right-wing character with a conspiracy theory podcast. Greenwald is executive editor of Commnetary, the leading publication of Jewish conservatism. He is the right-hand man to Jon Podhoretz, whose father was a protégé of Lionel Trilling, who persuaded Norman Podhoretz to take over Commentary after the death of founding editor Elliot Cohen. Given this pedigree — dating back to an era when the magazine sought to save America from Soviet-backed “progressivism” in the person of Henry Wallace — certainly Greenwald must be cognizant of Commentary‘s intellectual seriousness. We must understand that Jon Podhoretz would not permit Greenwald to publish anything that would jeopardize Commentary’s reputation, and if Podhoretz signed off on this column declaring that we are in “the battle for the survival of the United States of America” . . . Well, we are at the last ditch, my friends.

A lot of my conservative friends enjoy sneering at “neocons” (and certainly Commentary can claim to be neoconservativism’s original voice), because of the advocacy of open borders and endless overseas aggression that have in the past been so closely allied with that faction. However, the Trump era has had a clarifying effects that cuts both ways. “Progressives” have dropped their mask, and come out as the destructive radicals they really are, while the fainthearts and phonies in the ranks of conservatism — Rick Wilson, Max Boot, Charlie Sykes, Bill Kristol, et al. — are now openly on the side of the radicals. So very convenient for the friends of America’s enemies to identify themselves.



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