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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Lauren Martinchek Nails It

Posted on | August 23, 2020 | Comments Off on Lauren Martinchek Nails It

Wow, I was knocked out by this young radical’s take:

Well, it’s official.
Former Vice President Joe Biden has now officially accepted the nomination of the democratic party to be President of the United States.
You would think that after months of preparation knowing that this would happen, I would be beyond the point where it bothers me. But at this moment in time, I’ve begun to realize my frustration doesn’t come from a place of simply being disappointed. Rather, it stems from the fact that democrats have opted to coalesce around a candidate that they did not even like.
This genuinely doesn’t even have to do with Bernie. Of course, there’s a part of me that will never, ever forget the fact that after the tens of thousands of text messages I sent, the money donated, and the time and effort I and millions of other people contributed in order to help organize the Sanders campaign, Barack Obama was waiting for just the right moment to destroy everything that we had built and worked so hard for. On top of it, we’re told to sit down, shut up, be gracious in our “defeat”, and turn that energy towards electing Biden. Of course, there’s a part of me that will never get over the fact that democrats worked harder to stop a campaign that just wanted everyone to have decent wages and healthcare than they ever have to stop Donald Trump or the republican party, and I genuinely have not been the same since I watched it happen. All that being said however, I can’t help wondering about the consequences of doing all this just to effectively anoint a man who they never even had any confidence in to begin with. . . .

Read the whole thing, and keep in mind that the writer is the real deal — a genuine member of the proletariat, small-town white working class — and the bold clarity of her writing is remarkable.

After reading her take on the Biden nomination (via Instapundit), I immediately began researching Ms. Martinchek, including the old essays she wrote in college (she’s a recent graduate of SUNY-Plattsburgh), and also followed her on Twitter. Damn, she hits hard.

Here’s the thing: Ms. Martinchek’s foreboding of doom about the Biden campaign reminds me very much of how I felt about John McCain 12 years ago, or Mitt Romney eight years ago. You say, “But she’s so far left, Stacy. She’s hopeless.” And perhaps so. However, she seems smart enough to perceive certain basic errors of the command economy.

Anybody who hates Andrew Cuomo that much can’t be all bad.



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