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What’s Better Than CNN?

Posted on | August 27, 2020 | 1 Comment


Almost anything, actually. It is better to be uninformed than to be misinformed, and CNN is so hopelessly wrong about everything that the more you watch it, the less you know about current events, and most of what CNN viewers think they “know” is generally wrong. Today, I’ve had my office TV tuned to CNN all day (I watch, so you don’t have to) and I find myself stunned by how relentlessly narrow their coverage is. That is to say, the network executives have decided on which four or five stories CNN will cover, and what this coverage will include, and the same simple themes are reiterated hour after hour after hour. Once you’ve watched a couple of hours of this, anyone with an IQ above room temperature must be weary of the repetition of these themes, which omit any fact that might contradict the pro-Democrat/anti-Trump message.

CNN’s coverage of “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests” is misleading because the network refuses to ask the most obvious questions: How does a child’s birthday party turn into a domestic violence incident?

There were still scant details about exactly what happened Sunday in the minutes before Blake was shot.
Police have said only that they were responding to a domestic incident. Neighbors said that there had been an altercation between two women at a birthday party for one of Blake’s sons and that Blake had been trying to break it up when officers arrived. [Attorney Ben] Crump said Blake was “simply trying to do the right thing by intervening in a domestic incident.”

See, that right there is the key to the whole thing, and yet CNN, with its legion of highly skilled journalists, seems utterly uninterested in discovering what this “altercation” was about. How many readers have ever heard of a child’s birthday party turning into a 911 call? Whose fault was that and — oh, just by the way — what was Jacob Blake planning to do when he decided he needed to grab a knife from his vehicle? But not only do CNN viewers not get answers to these highly relevant questions, the questions themselves are never mentioned, because asking questions might distract from the important message: VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN!

That’s the only thing any CNN viewer is supposed to care about, and so the network’s coverage of Kenosha, like their coverage of just about everything else, turns into an exercise in blaming Trump. Even if you were interested in that message, the most hard-core Democratic voter must get weary of having the same message — BLAME TRUMP! — inserted into every story and, as I say, the way CNN’s programming works, there are only four or five stories they really cover at all on a typical day, so that it becomes a tormenting drumbeat of repetition.

Whatever else might cause anyone to watch CNN, they certainly can’t be tuning in for the excitement. If it’s excitement you want, my suggestion is that you try watching real-crime video on YouTube:

The police officer keyed his microphone and spoke the two most important words of his career: “Shots fired.” He had just fatally shot a man, in the kind of split-second life-or-death decision that every law enforcement officer trains for, but none of them ever wants to experience. He repeated the communication several times — “Shots fired!” — and then added, “Send all units.”
When fellow officers arrived, Officer Bryan Pray was emotionally distraught by what had happened. “I can’t even talk right now, man. I didn’t want that to happen to him, man.” The policeman in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, had just killed Kevan Ruffin, after a nightmarish encounter in the early-morning hours of July 2.
Officer Pray had been dispatched by a 911 call shortly before 6 a.m. reporting a disturbance involving a knife-wielding man. Arriving at the scene of the incident, the officer found a woman crying hysterically. She said she had been attacked by a black man with two knives or swords, who looked at her with “pure hatred” on his face and called her “the devil in the flesh.” She had escaped without serious injury, and her attacker had gone eastbound up an alley toward South 15th Street. . . .

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