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#NeverTrump = Pro-Pedophilia?

Posted on | September 11, 2020 | No Comments


Tolerating pedophilia to own the Trumpsters? Really?

The symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome are astonishing, and this tweet by Sonny Bunch shows how reflexive it is — whatever Trump supporters are for, #NeverTrump must be against, and vice-versa. So if conservatives are angry about Netflix promoting a French film that blatantly sexualizes 11-year-olds, well, #NeverTrump must join liberals in defending this film or, at least, not automatically condemning it.

You see the nuance in Sonny’s “smart take” — he’s not exactly defending the film, but rather declaring the “conversation surrounding” it to be “remarkably dumb.” This is sort of like saying that you’re not pro-Hitler, just critical of the “conversation surrounding” the Holocaust.

My own take on Cuties (“New Joe Biden Campaign Ad Released”) was deliberately lacking in nuance, because the facts available about the film — the plot summary and preview trailer — were sufficient to recognize this movie for what it is, the French dog returning to its perverse vomit. There is a well-documented history of pro-pedophilia among French intellectuals, so when I see the camel attempting once against to insert its nose into the tent, I recognize the insidious evil for what it is.

Ace did a sidebar on Bunch’s not-an-endorsement (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), and I hope he’ll find time to do a mainbar post on the subject, but in the meantime, we have Rod Dreher, who “watched Cuties so you don’t have to,” and reminds us of the ghosts of French pedophiles past:

Back in 1978, Louis Malle made a film called Pretty Baby, starring 12-year-old Brooke Shields as a child prostitute in New Orleans. It was hugely controversial over the subject matter, and the fact that Shields did nude scenes. Cuties does not feature nudity (just a very quick glance at an adolescent girl’s breast), but it centers on the grotesque sexualization of minor girls — the title characters are a pack of 11-year-olds in Paris. Cuties is a deeply dishonest film that exploits its young cast nauseatingly, yet tries at the end to justify it with a too-pat moral.

Being old enough to remember the decadence of the 1970s, of which Pretty Baby was a lurid example, I am horrified by the apparent willingness of Netflix to sponsor a recrudence of that evil era.