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Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

Posted on | October 2, 2020 | Comments Off on Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19


Late Thursday, the news broke that top aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for COVID-19 after exhibiting symptoms. Because Hicks had traveled on Air Force One during President Trump’s Cleveland trip, this raised concerns and, shortly after midnight, it was confirmed that both the President and First Lady had also tested positive. We don’t know how this happened. Hicks was known to be quite a fanatic about wearing masks, and Trump has been very careful about social distancing and, while other people in the White House have previously caught the virus, there had been strict precautions to protect the president.

Obviously, this will have an impact on the campaign:

White House Physician Sean Conley announced in a letter he expected President Donald Trump to continue carrying out his duties as president, despite testing positive for the coronavirus.
“Rest assured I expect the President to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering, and I will keep you updated on any future developments,” U.S. Navy Commander physician Sean Conley wrote in a letter released to reporters.
The letter from Trump’s physician did not stop media outlets from speculating about the succession of power and whether Trump should even remain on the ballot.
“If he becomes sick, it could raise questions about whether he should remain on the ballot at all,” the New York Times wrote on Friday morning. CNN also spent time speculating about the succession of power as the president had tested positive.
The White House updated the daily schedule early Friday to note the president would host a phone call on COVID-19 support to vulnerable seniors on Friday at 12:15 p.m. and cancel a rally in Florida that he had scheduled for the day.
Vice President Mike Pence did not announce any test results on Friday, but issued a statement confirming he was praying for the president and the first lady’s recovery.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would fall second in line in presidential succession, a fact many on the left celebrated.

Well, “thoughts and prayers,” eh?

UPDATE: Oh, of course:

You stay classy, Democrats!

UPDATE II: Paranoia will destroy ya:



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