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How to Get Shot by Police

Posted on | October 5, 2020 | Comments Off on How to Get Shot by Police

Teenagers seem to be doing a seminar lately on this topic. For example, carjacking people at gunpoint? What do you think the odds are that a teenage boy is going to get away with this crime? He’s not an experienced driver, whereas the cops have logged many hours of training in pursuit tactics, with radio communications to assist them. And when the cops catch you, knowing that you have just used a firearm to commit a felony, do you think they they’ll leave their pistols in their holsters?

No, boy, you’re going to be confronted by cops with guns drawn screaming: “Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!”

In Phoenix, Arizona, two boys ages 15 and 16 learned the hard way:

Police shot and wounded two teens suspected of stealing a car at gunpoint [Sept. 13] in Phoenix, sending them to the hospital in critical condition, according to authorities.
Phoenix police responded to an armed robbery call at about 8:45 p.m. at an apartment complex near Northern and 31st avenues, police spokesperson Sgt. Maggie Cox said in a statement on Monday.
The victim reported to police that two unknown males approached him in his apartment complex parking lot with a handgun and demanded his vehicle. After he surrendered his vehicle, the two males drove away.
Two officers traveling north on 29th Avenue found the stolen vehicle stopped in traffic near Dunlap Avenue, Cox said.
The officers exited their patrol car and approached the suspects, motioning for the driver of the car to remain stopped. Cox said the driver initially complied, but then he allegedly accelerated toward the officer at the front of the car.
Both officers fired their guns, according to Cox, hitting the driver, a 15-year-old boy, and the passenger, a 16-year-old boy.
The driver of the car continued south, and police officers followed toward the area of 29th and Northern avenues, where the passenger got out of the front seat. Police gave verbal commands to the driver, and when he did not comply, a K9 handler fired pepper balls into the vehicle “to ensure the vehicle was safe to approach,” Cox said. Finally, the driver got out of the car.
The two boys were treated by Phoenix Fire Department personnel and taken to a hospital in critical condition.
The 16-year-old was released from the hospital on [Sept. 14] and booked into a juvenile correction center in connection with the armed robbery, while the 15-year-old driver was still in critical condition as of [Sept. 14], according to Phoenix police spokesperson Sgt. Maggie Cox. . . .
Police said a handgun was found in the stolen vehicle.

Plot twist: It was two white kids!


It’s nice to have an opportunity to highlight white teenagers getting shot by the cops. No protest marches. No NBA players kneeling. No mention of these victims of “excessive force” on CNN. Cops can shoot as many white perps as they want, and nobody cares. Just a local crime story.



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