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In The Mailbox: 10.19.20

Posted on | October 19, 2020 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Bleach Cocktail: Peter Strzok Fails Upward
357 Magnum: The Working Hypothesis Is Terrorism
Red Pilled Jew: New Bill To Allow Foreign Forces & Troops To Be Used On Australian Soil
EBL: How Does The Guy From NWA Become MAGA? also, Jeffrey Toobin, This One’s For You!
Twitchy: Reporter Asks Why President Trump Keeps Calling Joe Biden A Criminal, Gets Called A Criminal
Louder With Crowder: Congressional Candidate Warns Joe Rogan – Keep Your California Politics Out Of Texas
Vox Popoli: Division & QAnon, also, “A Thundering Defeat”
Stoic Observations: bSpace – A Journey Through Black Cyberspace, Part I: The 80s

Adam Piggott: Big Mommy, also, Passing The Test
American Conservative: The Voting Rights Mirage
American Greatness: Hungarian FM Says Biden Should Explain Why He Pushed Ukraine To Fire Its Chief Prosecutor
American Power: NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party Wins Landslide Victory
American Thinker: The Red Chinese Virus – Why We Panicked And Why We’ve Got To End The Panic Now, also, Are The fake News Polls A Setup For Post-Election Chaos?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Mexico City Topples Columbus Monument But Erects Statues To Mass-Murdering Communists Castro & Guevara
BattleSwarm: Hunter Biden has An Armory Of Smoking Guns, also, BidenWatch For October 19
Cafe Hayek: What Joakim Book Says, also, The Great Matt Ridley
Camp of the Saints: Fear Is Unsightly
CDR Salamander: The Middle East’s Future Imperfect
Da Tech Guy: Futureworld, also, The Single Biggest Issue Bar None In Election 2020
Don Surber: Biden’s Bad Vote By Mail Bet, also, Campaign 2020’s Missing Issue – The Wall
First Street Journal: Citing “Gender Studies” Experts, The Media Try To Redefine Masculinity To Support Progressive Politics…And Joe Biden, also, Who Is Unqualified?
The Geller Report: Biden Calls Off Campaigning Until Final Debate, also, Joe Biden Says Muslims Would Serve “At Every Level” In His Administration
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, A Bribe Too Far
Hollywood In Toto: New Documentaries Reveal Media’s Phony Commitment To Diversity, also, America’s Forgotten Shares True Toll Of Weak Immigration Enforcement
The Lid: Schiff’s Latest Lie – Hunter Biden E-Mails Came From The Kremlin!
Legal Insurrection: New Yorker Suspends Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin For Jerking It During Zoom Call, also, Obama Rides In At 11th Hour To Campaign For Joe Biden
Power Line: The Brown Shirts Are Back, also, Speaking Of Disinformation
Shark Tank: House Democrats Still Silent On Hunter Biden’s Burisma Emails
Shot In The Dark: Denormalizing
The Political Hat: If You Think 2020 Is Bad For You, Remember That At Least You Aren’t In Venezuela
This Ain’t Hell: Alek Skarlatos Narrows The Gap In OR-4, also, West Point Getting Woke
Victory Girls: Journalist Asks Biden Question, Media Flip Out
Volokh Conspiracy: Do Originalists Ignore The Reconstruction Amendments?
Weasel Zippers: Casket Outside Brooklyn Nursing Home Filled With Cuomo’s Book Covers, also, Anti-Trump Protesters In Boston Burn American Flag, Eat Fake Human Heart
The Federalist: The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter – It’s About Joe, also, Biden Plan Raises Taxes On 80% Of Americans, Lowers Household Income By $6500
Mark Steyn: Carnival Of Souls, also, Tomorrow’s Civilizational Cringe Today

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