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Whatever Your Problem Is, Electing Democrats Will Never Be the Solution

Posted on | October 27, 2020 | Comments Off on Whatever Your Problem Is, Electing Democrats Will Never Be the Solution

This is the only political principle you need to guide your election choices. Never vote for a Democrat, nor support any policy endorsed by Democrats. Insofar as it is possible, avoid residing in any community where Democrats are a majority, but if it happens that you find yourself living in a “blue state” (e.g., California) try to find a place to live in that state that is “red” (e.g., Kern County). Apply the same principle to your choices in terms of education and employment. Where should you go to college? Someplace where students care more about football than “social justice.” Where should you work? A private sector company that actually produces goods and services for profit, and not one of these gigantic “woke” conglomerates that embraces “progressive” values.

Democrats always ruin everything. Communities that were once peaceful and prosperous can rapidly be converted into dangerous hellholes, if the people start electing Democrats. Once upon a time — up until the 1960s — Detroit was one of America’s great cities. Then Democrats got in charge of the place and turned it into a desolation, where many acres of residential property were bulldozed into vacant lots. Every law-abiding resident who could afford to get out of Detroit fled the Democrat-controlled city, and a similar process can now be observed in many other places that Democrats have turned into hellholes.

The Joe Biden campaign is about doing to America what Democrats have done to Detroit (and Baltimore, and Chicago, and every other crime-plagued hellhole city in America). If you want the entire country to become violent and dangerous, populated by criminals, drug addicts and sex offenders, then by all means, you should elect Joe Biden president.



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