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Cop Shoots White Guy Named ‘Kevin’

Posted on | November 4, 2020 | 1 Comment

Kevin Alan Smallman, 32, was a career criminal. Notice my use of the past tense verb “was.” Kevin assumed room temperature in January, with the assistance of a police officer in Chandler, Arizona.

Smallman had served time in prison for burglary and DUI, and after being released in 2017, he did not “go legit.” On Jan. 26, a police officer spotted a white Toyota Prius reported as stolen. The vehicle fled and escaped. The next day, the officer saw the stolen Toyota again in front of a Hampton Inn hotel; two people exited the vehicle and went into the hotel. The officer followed and confronted Smallman and his wife, Krystal Denean Ehrlich, 27, in the hotel lobby. Smallman “failed to comply,” as police say, refusing to provide identification and, when told he was being detained, took off running.

The officer gave chase, and Smallman ran — where else? — to the stolen Toyota, climbing in the driver’s seat. The officer opened the door and was trying to wrestle Smallman out of the car, and meanwhile Ehrlich had gotten into the backseat of the Toyota. Smallman started the car to make his getaway, with the cop wedged between him and the seat. In a bodycam video released by the police department, you see the struggle that ensued. Smallman took off with the cop hanging out the side of the stolen car, and the officer had no choice but to shoot the car thief in self-defense. The car rammed into a wall, the officer miraculously survived, and Smallman was pronounced dead at the scene.


Watching police bodycam footage has become a hobby for me — a strange choice of entertainment, perhaps, but a way to distract myself from the constant noise of politics. And the case of Kevin Smallman is rather typical of what are called “officer-involved shootings” (OIS).

Bad guys don’t cooperate with law enforcement, res ipsa loquitur. If you’re a convicted felon driving a stolen car, what are you going to do when a cop shows up and starts asking questions?

The smart thing to do would be to accept the reality — you got caught, and you’re going back to jail. Criminals aren’t really good decision-makers, however, and so the police encounter tends to escalate. First, the criminal lies — “Dindu nuffin” — and then he becomes non-compliant. He resists arrest, attacks the cop or tries to run away. If you’ve watched enough of these videos, the behavioral patterns become familiar.

Notice that Kevin had tattoos on his neck? Always a bad sign. Tattoos are a prerequisite for membership in the White Trash Criminals Club.

Not all people with tattoos are felons, but all felons have tattoos, and getting tattoos on your neck or face? Yep — might as well get the words “violating probation” tattooed on your forehead. It’s part of a behavioral pattern, as I say, and you will probably not be surprised to learn that after the cops carted Kevin Smallman’s corpse off to the morgue, they found meth and drug paraphernalia in the stolen car. The criminal’s widow, Krystal Ehrlich was charged with possession: “Court records show Ehrlich is homeless, and is currently on probation. She also has prior convictions for DUI, burglary, trafficking, narcotics possession, and drug paraphernalia possession.” Real classy people.

There were no protests over the police shooting of Kevin Smallman. No celebrities paid attention to this incident. Smallman got no coverage on CNN. Nobody cares when cops shoot a white criminal. There is no “social justice” angle, no political advantage to be gained, and so the death of Kevin Smallman was just a local news story.

Oh, and if Joe Biden is elected president? “Black Lives Matter” will disappear from the headlines. The only purpose of calling national attention to the deaths of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake, etc., was to “energize” black voters for Democrats in an election year, to dramatize the “systemic racism” issue to help Joe Biden. And once he takes office, everything will go back to business as usual for the media.



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