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Post-Election Hangover Syndrome

Posted on | November 5, 2020 | Comments Off on Post-Election Hangover Syndrome

Why is it that rural counties with comparatively few resources can manage to count all their votes on Election Night, while America’s major cities still haven’t finalized their totals by Thursday?

Democrats should be asked that question, because it says an awful lot about what’s wrong with the Democratic Party, which governs all the places where they haven’t finished counting votes yet — Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, etc. If there were no other issue to divide the American people, the gross incompetence of Democrat-controlled governments would be sufficient to justify GOP opposition.

Expect this problem to get worse, not better. Oregon voters approved a referendum Tuesday to decriminalize heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, so that the lunatic carnival in Portland will likely become even crazier than it has already been. Joe Biden won Oregon by a 17-point margin because of course a brain-addled Democrat is popular in The Dopehead State. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Kweisi Mfume was reelected to Congress with 71% of the vote, because Democrats in Baltimore are committed to challenging Detroit for the title of Worst City in America. Never imagine that Democrats have hit rock-bottom; the abyss is truly bottomless. Turning once-prosperous cities into hellholes isn’t enough; they want to ruin the whole country.

Speaking of Nate Silver, the dishonest monster who has been falsely spinning poll numbers for more than a decade is finally getting his comeuppance from Democrats who realize he utterly bamboozled them. Silver’s FiveThirdEight forecasts were so wrong that the error could not be explained by incompetence; Nate is a malicious liar, and no honest person would ever wish to be associated with him again.

After spending six hours podcasting on Election Night with John Hoge (and the lovely Dianna, joining us from Valdosta), I managed to get a few hours of sleep before cranking out a quick column:

Late Tuesday night, it appeared that Donald Trump had won reelection rather decisively. Not only had he scored a historic win in Florida (about which more later), but the results being reported at 11 p.m. Eastern showed the president with commanding leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. By the time I woke up Wednesday morning, however, those states had all been flipped into Joe Biden’s column, and cable TV news was claiming — contrary to evidence — that Georgia was still “too close to call.”
The Democrat I mocked as “Landslide Joe” failed to meet expectations, and Democrats also lost important down-ticket races where they squandered tens of millions of dollars trying to take Senate and House seats that the GOP won. Mitch McConnell cruised to reelection in Kentucky, and Lindsey Graham fought off a well-funded challenger in South Carolina.
Details of presidential results in the states that will decide the winner of this election are something that pundits will be chewing over all day, if not for weeks to come. What we can conclude now — without knowing the final official outcome — is that Trump wildly outperformed the results predicted by public opinion polls. . . .

Read the rest at The American Spectator. I’m still in psychological recovery mode, and am trying to avoid news for therapeutic reasons.



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