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In The Mailbox: 11.05.20

Posted on | November 6, 2020 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Pagan Vigil: The False Choice
357 Magnum: How’s That “Affordable Bail” Program Working Out?
Red Pilled Jew: Quick Wednesday Whittle, also, How Is This Possible?
EBL: Michigan Seems Like A Dream To Me Now (Or Maybe A Nightmare)
Twitchy: Brit Hume Sets Thomas Friedman Straight About Al Gore “Taking A Bullet For The Country” In 2000
Louder With Crowder: MSNBC – Trump On Track To Win Arizona
Vox Popoli: Why Trump Will Win Pennsylvania, also, Over The Target

Adam Piggott: The Fix Is In
American Greatness: Game On For The Coup? also, Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved
American Thinker: Count And Recount Every “Vote” Until You Win
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Early Warfare News
Babalu Blog: Florida 2020 – The Cuban American Vote And How Democrats Continue To Blow It
BattleSwarm: What Can You Do About A Stolen Election?
Cafe Hayek: Talking Economics & Trade With Nate Wadworth
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: “A Republic If You Can Keep It” Thoughts Under My Fedora, also, My Review Of The New Reality TV Series How To Steal An Election
Don Surber: Democrat Civil War Begins
The Geller Report: Registered Democrat Observer At Philly Ballot Center – “This Is A Coup Against The President”, also, Detroit Poll Watcher – “It’s Disgusting What’s Happening”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Tactics v. Logistics
Hollywood In Toto: Antifa: Rise Of The Black Flags Shows The Chaos & anarchy Hatched By An “Idea”, also, Post-Election Hollywood – America Is Racist
JustOneMinute: Miscount Every Vote
The Lid: Political Elite, Counting States, Twitter & The MSM Are Silencing Vote Disputes, also, Nevada USPS Worker Promises To Help Provide Bogus Ballots For Biden
Legal Insurrection: Stay The Course On Election Contests & Litigation, also, “If We Run This Race Again We’ll Get F*cking Torn Apart In 2022”
Power Line: Melissa Mackenzie – Be Of Good Cheer! also, Why Shouldn’t Conservatives Be Enraged By Biden’s Win?
Shark Tank: Nikki Fried – “Florida Democrats Suffered Some Hard Losses”
Shot In The Dark: Motivations
The Political Hat: An Old But Salient Message For Everyone Post-Election, also,  An Election Musical Interlude
This Ain’t Hell: Riots In Portland
Victory Girls: The Republican Party Has Reclaimed Its Relevance
Volokh Conspiracy: Our Curious Electoral System
Weasel Zippers: A Man Dead Since 1984 Voted In The 2020 Election In Michigan, also, Trump Poll Watchers Denied Access To Watch Ballot Counting Despite Court Order
The Federalist: We’re Supposed To Believe The GOP Had A Great Election Night Except For The President? also, Reports Of Election Fraud Keep Piling Up In Michigan
Mark Steyn: Election Day Plus Two

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