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Woman Dies of Patriarchal Oppression and Police Gunfire, But Mainly …

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. . . yeah, it was the gunfire that killed her. Makell Meyerin, 31, was armed with a Beretta .45-caliber carbine when she was shot dead by police in Gurnee, Illinois, about 40 miles north of Chicago, in May 2018. The officers were acting within their authority:

Two Gurnee police officers “acted reasonably and appropriately” in a May 23 confrontation on Route 41 that ended with the officers shooting a woman armed with a military-style rifle, according to a statement released late Friday by Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim.
Gurnee Police Department Sgt. Jon Ward and Officer Benjamin Bozer “believed that their lives, the lives of their fellow officers, and the lives of the citizens present in the area were in danger of imminent death or great bodily harm” during a standoff with 31-year-old Makell Meyerin of Antioch, Nerheim said in the statement.
According to Nerheim, the results of an investigation by the Lake County Major Crime Task Force and reviewed by his office found that Meyerin “ignored repeated requests from the police to remain calm and to drop her gun” and “multiple officers heard her ‘rack’ her gun in order to prepare it for firing” before she leveled the rifle toward the officers.
“It was only then that they fired their guns to eliminate this threat. It should also be noted that once the threat ceased, they immediately stopped firing their weapons and took steps to aid Ms. Meyerin,” Nerheim wrote. “Her gun, a Beretta Cx5 Storm tactical carbine rifle, had one live shell in the chamber. The magazine contained (five) live rounds. The selector switch was in the ‘fire’ position.”
The report added that Meyerin was transported to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, where she was pronounced dead at 2:33 p.m., about an hour after Gurnee officers responded to a call about a suspicious car near Chittenden Park in a residential area on the village’s east side.

You can watch the police bodycam video of the incident:


What the video doesn’t explain is what happened before police were called to the “suspicious” vehicle, where Meyerin and her boyfriend were both passed out at a stop sign. They had been on a drug binge for weeks, and earlier that day were involved in another incident:

The first crime scene started in Antioch. Early Wednesday morning, investigators say they got reports of suspicious vehicle with a male driver and female passenger.
Covelli said, “The information they had is somebody was going door-to-door soliciting asking for money.”
When Antioch officers tried to conduct a traffic stop, the male driver refused and instead rammed the police squad car and sped away. But that’s not all.
“A witness reported that there were shots fired from the offending vehicle,” Covelli said.
[T]he car was later found at a residence in unincorporated Antioch where an eight-hour standoff took place before a man and woman were taken in for questioning.
Covelli said the man was not involved, but owned the car used in the incident.
The woman was the third passenger in the car.
As for the other two?
“They were able to flee the unincorporated Antioch residence prior to police officers arriving,” Covelli said. “The two of them subsequently entered a Toyota Prius. The Prius is owned by a relative of the male.” . . .
That white Prius was later spotted Wednesday afternoon in Gurnee where officers were called to respond to two unconscious people inside the car. Those two people have been identified as Meyerin and Jordan J. Huff, who rammed the police car earlier in the day.
Covelli said the Prius was stopped at a stop sign near the intersection of Harper and Gould for an extended period of time, forcing drivers to go around.
When paramedics arrived, they attempted to engage with the female driver, but she drove away with the unconscious man inside. She crashed into a Gurnee fire truck and crashed again at Chittenden Park near Route 41.
Meyerin then ran away leaving the male unconscious inside the car.
“He had symptoms very similar to overdose type symptoms,” said Covelli.
Authorities later found Meyerin standing in the southbound lanes of Route 41 waving a long barrel firearm . . .

More information from the report by the State’s Attorney:

Mr Huff stated that on May 23, 2018, he was with Makell Meyerin and another female in Antioch. He stated that Ms. Meyerin “hustled” a male for money. The three of them drove away in a Volkswagen. Moments later, the police attempted to stop their car. Mr. Huff, the driver, would not stop and was able to successfully elude the police. Upon arriving at Mr. Huff’s Antioch residence, the three individuals fled on foot.
According to Mr. Huff, he later met with Ms. Meyerin and went to Mr. Huff’s mother’s home. Huff and Meyerin took Huff’s uncle’s Prius.
Mr. Huff and Ms Meyerin drove to a Waukegan Motel. Mr. Huff and Ms. Meyerin began to ingest a number of different drugs. After taking those drugs, Mr. Huff stated he had no recollection of what occurred after that point.
Mr. Huff did say that he and Ms. Meyerin had been doing drugs for the last few days. He added that Ms. Meyerin had recently been suicidal.
Mr. Huff said that he only saw the long gun after he and Ms. Meyerin had gotten into the Prius.
Linda Meyerin is the mother of Makell Meyerin. Linda stated that she spoke to her daughter Makell by phone on the morning of May 23, 2018. Makell called Linda and stated that “somebody set up Jordan. I’ve gotta help him. I’m gone. I mean I’m dead.” Makell added that Linda would “see her on the news.”
According to Linda, Makell also asked whether the police had shown up looking for her. Makell did not tell Linda any other information. Makell then hung up the phone.
Linda then gave a little more background about Makell. Makell had been a heroin addict since she was 14 years old. A boyfriend had gotten her addicted to the drug. Makell was in and out of jail on a variety of offenses. When she would be arrested she would get clean. More recently, when she would be released from jail, she would re-unite with Jordan Huff and relapse into drug usage.
Makell’s brother Cory also indicated that Makell and Mr. Huff had been on a drug binge for the last several weeks in the Antioch area.

So she was “hustling” for drugs with her boyfriend, eluding police, ramming other vehicles, brandishing firearms — a menace to society.

If she had been black, I’m sure you probably would have seen her on CNN, with her relatives crying on camera about what a wonderful person she was while the civil-rights lawyer demanded justice. Then there would have been a “mostly peaceful protest” with arson and looting.

But she was white, and nobody cares. Just another dead junkie.




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