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What’s Wrong With Tomi Lahren?

Posted on | November 12, 2020 | Comments Off on What’s Wrong With Tomi Lahren?

As recently as February, Tomi Lahren was engaged to California businessman Brandon Fricke, a 6-foot-1 former college football quarterback who is now a sports agent. But the couple broke up because “the controversial Fox News star wasn’t ready to settle down,” according to the Daily Mail. That seems rather odd, considering that when she and Fricke announced their engagement in June 2019 — he bought her a $50,000 diamond ring — Lahren declared on Instagram: “I love you more and those are my Final Thoughts and you are my forever.”

What changed? We don’t know, and this would be entirely a personal and private matter, of no interest or concern to me, except that a few months ago, Lauren posted a video on Facebook denouncing men quite generally. This drew the attention of columnist Suzanne Venker:

In her Facebook screed, Lahren railed against today’s men, whom she claimed are “trash,” and then proceeded to offer said men advice on how to land “talented, skilled, ambitious women” like Lahren and her friends “who have something going on.”
She then contrasted women like herself with the “other” kind of women: those who are presumably less ambitious and, according to Lahren, have nothing going on. . . .
Lahren is tired of being ghosted and tired of dealing with men who don’t measure up. “All of my friends are attractive and successful. Almost every single one of them has an issue with men. If all of these women, including myself, are having issues, then I have to think it might not be us. It might be you. It might be men.” . . .
“Don’t call us difficult because we’re not,” Lahren said. “We work hard. We’re successful. We take care of ourselves. We try to look cute. That’s why we have the ability to be what you call ‘difficult’ … We are not ‘not good enough.’ We are too enough, and you can’t handle it.”

Well, doesn’t this invite rebuttal? And since Lahren has made this personal, does it not invite examination of her personal behavior?

Scarcely a year before denouncing men as “trash,” Lahren had declared Fricke her “forever,” before later deciding she “wasn’t ready to settle down” with the guy who bought her a $50,000 ring.

Lahren is now 28. From age 25 to 27, she was involved with Fricke, and before that, when she was 22 or so, she dated a Navy SEAL officer.

Do you think Lahren might be an “Alpha widow”? Do you think her Facebook rant might have something to do with approaching “The Wall”?

These are merely thoughts, you understand. Far be it from me to suggest that Tomi Lahren is damaged goods, exhibiting symptoms of borderline personality disorder, a bundle of neuroses who craves drama and thus is too emotionally unstable to be deemed “wife material.”

It would be wrong to suggest such things, since I don’t know her at all, but on the other hand, I know the type. Every guy knows the type, and that’s probably what inspired her Facebook rant. You see, even the most beautiful woman’s romantic options are never infinite, although it may seem that way to her when she’s young. If she breaks up with her college boyfriend, no big deal, she’s got lots of other options. But what is true at age 21 is not so true at age 28. With a few more miles on the odometer, so to speak, her market value has begun to decline, and she notices that she’s not attracting the same quality of men that she previously attracted. There is a simple explanation for this: By age 30, all the really good guys are already taken — if not married with children, they’re in a relationship heading in that direction. So as she herself approaches 30, the young woman starts finding that the guys she’s meeting all seem to be flawed. It’s like the Island of Misfit Toys.

What she doesn’t want to admit is that she herself is a Misfit Toy.

If she was really so perfect, wouldn’t some guy have married her already? Think about Tomi Lahren. Why didn’t she marry the Navy SEAL boyfriend she had when she was 22? What went wrong with that relationship? We don’t know, but there must be some explanation. People don’t break up for no reason. You can shrug and say, “It just didn’t work out,” but what are we to deduce when the same story happens over and over again? And that’s what we are talking about when the subject is an attractive 28-year-old who, rather mysteriously, has never been able to sustain a relationship for more than a couple of years.

Draw your own conclusions. As I say, I wouldn’t have ever paid attention to it if she hadn’t recorded a 15-minute Facebook rant denouncing all men as “trash.” You have the right to remain silent.



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