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Convicted Sex Offender Charged in Attack on Trump Supporters at D.C. Event

Posted on | November 17, 2020 | 1 Comment

Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., was a gigantic success, and the attacks on Trump supporters after the rally gave further indication of who and what “Black Lives Matter” really represents:

A man caught on video sucker-punching a Trump supporter in Washington, D.C., this weekend is also a registered child sex offender.
“39-year-old Kenneth Wayne Deberry, of Southwest, DC, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct – Inciting Violence, Aggravated Assault and Felon in Possession of a Firearm after he was found to be in possession of a handgun,” DC Metro Police said in an announcement of arrests made following violence against Trump supporters after the “Million MAGA March.”
Deberry is also a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2008 of second-degree child sexual abuse against a person under 16 years of age in Washington, D.C. . . .
“The suspects were involved in a collaborative effort to incite violence during first amendment assemblies at the listed location. One of the suspects struck the victim rendering him unconscious. Other suspects assaulted the victim and took his property. Four suspects were apprehended at the scene by responding officers,” police said in a statement.

The same media that told us this summer’s riots were “mostly peaceful protests” have been lying about the Black Lives Matter movement since it began in 2014. It is not a movement against “systemic racism,” but a movement against law enforcement, period. Rather, it is an organization whose purpose is to promote terrorist violence against police, and also to incite anti-white racial hatred in the black community.

Certainly it is not a coincidence that the “activist” Kenneth DeBerry is a convicted sex offender. Recall that in Kenosha, it was convicted child rapist “JoJo” Rosenbaum who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse.

This is entirely logical. A “protest” movement against law enforcement will automatically attract criminals, perverts, and maniacs motivated by every warped and destructive impulse that otherwise might be restrained by law, custom and religion. “Systemic racism” is merely a propaganda slogan around which this terrorist movement is organized.