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When Police Yell ‘Drop the Gun,’ Guess What Happens If You Don’t?

Posted on | November 23, 2020 | 2 Comments

Say hello to Rasheed Moorman, who may have been the unluckiest criminal in America. Or maybe he was just stupid.

Notice my use of the past-tense verb “was.”

Rasheed’s final crime was not his first. A previous exercise in criminal stupidity nearly killed him when, in 2014, he and an accomplice attempted to rob a man who shot Rasheed twice. That crime landed Rasheed in prison for two years, and it’s unknown just how much crime he committed after getting out of prison, but it probably was not a small amount. At any rate, Rasheed Moorman’s career in criminal stupidity reached a predictable conclusion a few months ago:

On Monday, nearly five months after a Roanoke man was shot and killed by police, the Roanoke Police Department released bodycam footage of what happened.
On June 25, 2020, 26-year-old Rasheed Moorman, was shot by a Roanoke City Police Officer and later died.
Earlier this month, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Roanoke Donald Caldwell announced neither officer involved in the shooting would face any criminal charges.
Along with releasing Officer Bourgeois’ bodycam footage, the police department provided more information Monday about the day that Moorman was shot.
On June 25, a plain-clothes detective was in the area of Ashton Heights Apartments on an unrelated police investigation, when he saw two men who fit the descriptions of suspects from an earlier shooting, according to the police department.
That detective then called for uniformed officers, who arrived and approached the two suspects, who then ran away.
While running after them, Bourgeois saw one man, who would later be identified as Moorman, had a handgun in his right hand and Bourgeois yelled, “drop the gun,” according to police.
As the chase continued, police-worn body cameras and security cameras at the apartment complex show Moorman turning and firing at least four shots at Bourgeois, according to Caldwell.
Two of his shots went into an apartment in which there were two people.
It was at this point that Bourgeois fired 10 shots at Moorman, three of which hit him.
As Office Smith arrived to help Bourgeois, Moorman then began firing at him and Smith returned fire, according to police.

Watch the video:


What part of the sentence “drop the gun” is so hard to understand?




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