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The Biden Agenda: ‘South Minneapolis Is Worse Than I’ve Ever Seen It’

Posted on | November 27, 2020 | Comments Off on The Biden Agenda: ‘South Minneapolis Is Worse Than I’ve Ever Seen It’

Kowalski’s Market is a grocery store chain in the Minneapolis area. Their store at 2440 Hennepin Avenue serves the so-called “Uptown” neighborhood southeast of downtown Minneapolis. Unfortunately for local shoppers, (a) liberals in Minneapolis decided to “defund” their police department and (b) Uptown is in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s congressional district. A column in the local newspaper tells about a woman named Elaine who was brutally robbed in the parking lot of Kowalski’s, and quotes the store’s security chief, Scott Nelson:

Committed to pursuing justice for Elaine, Nelson laments that we “need police service and we need more of it. South Minneapolis is worse than I’ve ever seen it.” He describes the surge of 20-plus attacks a day that are now striking people just going about their daily business, people like Elaine.
Usually in a stolen car, perpetrators Nelson describes as “young teens, 12-to-14 years old” cruise from lot to lot in neighborhood business districts, waiting for a victim, “like a deer hunter sits in a tree.”
When they are apprehended, Nelson says consequences are negligible. “I arrest the same people over and over. Nothing happens to them.”

Gonna take a wild guess that these marauding groups of teenage criminals probably aren’t Trump supporters, IYKWIMAITYD.

As I explained yesterday (“The Vision of the Anointed Returns”) a nationwide crime wave is likely to be one consequence of a Biden presidency. Democrats are anti-police and pro-criminal, and what is happening in Minneapolis is an example of where such a policy leads.

Earlier this month, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that the city had experienced 76 carjackings or attempted carjackings in a span of seven weeks. That report followed an alert from the police department:

The Minneapolis 5th Police Precinct has issued a crime alert, with a map detailing 19 carjackings since Oct. 14; most of them have occurred in the Uptown area.
The crime alert stated, “The increase in street robberies, including carjacking incidents, has been persistent and very troubling this year.” The alert also said the perpetrators are generally teens or young adults and in some cases are wearing masks, making it difficult to identify them. . . .
According to police records, 12 of the carjacking and robbery victims have been women.

Who are these perpetrators? Last month, we learned the name of two of them after they were killed, along with a third perpetrator, when they wrecked a stolen car during a high-speed pursuit:

Three people died when the vehicle they were in rolled as they attempted to flee from police in Minneapolis early Monday morning.
According to the Minneapolis Police Department, officers saw the vehicle in the area of Dowling and Logan avenues at about 1:44 a.m. Officers recognized the vehicle as being a vehicle taken by force during a carjacking Sunday morning.
Officers attempted a traffic stop, but the driver drove away at a high rate of speed, according to police.
A pursuit took place and officers then saw the driver lose control of the vehicle in the area of Emerson and 18th avenues.
Police said the vehicle’s three occupants died as a result of the crash.
“I got a phone call at work at 4:00 a.m. this morning saying my son was gone,” Thomas Wright said.
Wright says his son Jamonte Welch, age 15, was inside the car, along with his nephew Demetrius Dobbins.
“My son, my nephew, the other little buddy, they were not bad kids. They just needed a little guidance,” he said.

Jamonte and Demetrius “just needed a little guidance,” you see. That’s probably a fair summary of the Biden agenda on crime. You get carjacked, and the perpetrators get “a little guidance,” assuming they’re not killed in a fiery crash. In this particular case, the young perpetrators stole a car after punching a 72-year-old woman in the face:

“They punched her and knocked her to the ground to get her purse. They took off in their car, got halfway down the alley, realized they had the keys to her car backed up and she was standing up by now they got back out, hopped in her car,” said [Theresa] Schlee.
Schlee says her aunt’s car is the one Minneapolis police were chasing through north Minneapolis early Monday morning, with three teenagers inside.
All three teenagers in the car died when they lost control and crashed. Schlee says her aunt had been in the area near Dowling Ave. N, taking care of a relative’s cat.
“That kind of blatant attack in the middle of the day to an elderly person who was there just feeding a cat, it’s like, that’s not right,” said Schlee. . . .
With the recent spike in carjackings in the Twin Cities, Schlee says she hopes this tragic situation makes people think twice before following suit.
“They look at this and not see, oh they’re just victims because the police chased after them. No, they suffered some awful consequences for some bad choices,” said Schlee.

You punch a 72-year-old woman in the face, don’t expect much sympathy when you die in a fiery crash in a stolen car. Except from Joe Biden, maybe, because Democrats support your criminal agenda.

There have been 358 carjackings in Minneapolis this year and, so far as we know, none of the perpetrators were Trump supporters.

Minneapolis is in Hennepin County, where Biden got 71% of the vote, with 532,623 votes to Trump’s 205,973 — a margin of 326,650 votes. Statewide, Biden carried Minnesota by a 233,012-vote margin, so that if you subtract Hennepin County from the statewide totals, Trump carried the rest of Minnesota by a margin of more than 90,000 votes.

Minneapolis voted for this crime wave. They deserve it. My advice to anyone who wants to survive is to get the hell out of Minneapolis.



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