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In The Mailbox: 01.08.21 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | January 8, 2021 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

A cheerful Komi picture to lift your mood.

357 Magnum: Not A Word About Self Defense
EBL: Conservatives – Learn To Ballot Harvest
Twitchy: Tariq Nasheed Just Got A “Violent Suspected White Supremacist” Fired For Saving A Black Woman At LA Protest
Louder With Crowder: Where Has This Confrontational Spirit Been These Last Nine Months?
Vox Popoli: RED1 Go, also, Boo-Freaking-Hoo
According To Hoyt: Attention Please!

American Conservative: What I Saw At The Capitol Riot
American Greatness: The End, also, Political Theater Won’t Work For The Right
American Power: The Elites Have Unmasked Themselves & Declared War
American Thinker: Worrisome Signs The Capitol Breach Was Planned To Discredit Trump Supporters, also, Yes, It Was A Fraudulent Election
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Immortality Friday
Babalu Blog: “The Rice From The Bodega Is So Bad I Don’t Want It For Free – And It’s Six Pesos”
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For January 8
Cafe Hayek: Some COVID Links
CDR Salamander: Two Kinds Of Leaders
Da Tech Guy: 21 Basic Truths Worth Noting Concerning The Events In DC This Week
Don Surber: Oh No! We Upset People Who Call Us Deplorable!
First Street Journal: I’ll Take “Stories We Didn’t See Last Summer” For $500, Alex
The Geller Report: Watch Capitol Police Open The Doors For Protesters, Stand Aside, & Invite Them Inside, also, Intel Analysts Downplayed Chicom Election Influence To Avoid Supporting Trump Policies
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, It’s Not Easy To Become Sane
Hollywood In Toto: Indy 5 Director Calls For Boycott Of Fox & Fox News, also, The Secret Behind Crocodile Dundee‘s Shocking Success
The Lid: Occasional Cortex Demands Ted Cruz’ Resignation, Gets Rekt
Legal Insurrection: Trump Won’t Attend Biden’s Inauguration, also, Biden & Harris Inject Race Into Non-Racial Riot On Capitol Hill, Lie About BLM Riots
Michelle Malkin:
Nebraska Energy Observer: No One
Power Line: Tommy Lasorda, RIP, also, NBA Players Being Ignant (Again)
Shark Tank: Rubio Calls Left Hypocrites Over Support Of Media Riot Coverage
Shot In The Dark: Grabbing While The Grabbing’s Good
The Political Hat: The “Election Aftermath”…Aftermath
This Ain’t Hell: Last Civil War Widow Dies (Seriously), also, Valor Friday
Victory Girls: Biden & Harris Gaslight The Public Regarding Capitol Protest
Volokh Conspiracy: Can President Trump Be Impeached And Removed For Incitement?
Weasel Zippers: Another Antifa Goon Found At Capitol “Riot”, also, Apple Gives Parler 24 Hours To Conform Or Get Scrubbed From Apple Store
The Federalist: Ten Times Democrats Called For Violence Against Trump & His Supporters, also, Apple Prepares To Ban Parler From Devices As Big Tech Purge Continues
Mark Steyn: Potemkin Parliament, Pseudo-Legislature, also, The Right On The Ropes

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