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Email From Our ‘Friends’ at the SPLC

Posted on | January 9, 2021 | 1 Comment

A few years ago, some fiendish troll decided to put me on the mailing list for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which of course, already had me on their other list, IYKWIMAITYD. But as with Joseph being sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers, while my enemy meant this prank for evil, God meant it for good. Periodic SPLC emails provide me with an interesting glimpse into the kind of messages the Left is sending out to their deranged “base.” Just this morning, they sent out this screed:

One of the powerful lessons we must take away from this week’s coup attempt by President Trump and his supporters is that 2021 is not a time for half measures in the fight against hate and extremism.
Yes, Wednesday began with hope. The results of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia offered proof that the South can help lead the way into a new political era. But the events at the U.S. Capitol reminded us of the racist violence that continues to threaten our country. This violence is bolstered by the infrastructure of white nationalist movements that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking and fighting for decades.
The images from Wednesday’s coup attempt will be seared into people’s memories. Extremists stormed Capitol Hill and incited a riot that resulted in five deaths, including the killing of a Capitol Police officer who physically engaged with rioters as he attempted to secure the building. The mob of Trump’s supporters endangered the lives of thousands as they flew the Confederate flag — a symbol of racism and violence that did not even enter the halls of Congress during the Civil War. This attempted coup on our democracy comes as no surprise since white nationalist groups have been energized by Trump since he was a presidential candidate.
The weeks of planning that went into this attack underscore why organizations like the SPLC, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, remain critical in the fight against hate and extremism. We will remain vigilant in 2021, ensuring that the necessary actions are taken to put an end to this siege that Trump has both unveiled and advanced.
There is simply no way to overstate the gravity of what took place in the Capitol this week. While these extremists failed in their mission to prevent the counting of Electoral College votes, this attack can — and will — become a recruitment tool for white nationalist movements across the country and around the world.
This nationally coordinated coup attempt revealed highly organized networks of white supremacist organizations, extending beyond the Capitol and into statehouses around the U.S. that have been the target of protests. Unsurprisingly, statehouses in the South — a region with high populations of communities of color — have been particularly targeted.
These hate groups, emboldened by the president, pose a direct threat to the lives of millions of Black and Indigenous people, as well as other people of color around the country. They will not go away after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.
In the face of hate, we must transform
We also must realize that the violence in Washington was predictable and preventable. In 2019, the number of white nationalist groups identified by the SPLC rose for the second straight year, a 55% increase since 2017. Given the severity of the issue, in 2020, the SPLC published recommendations for confronting hate and threats to our democracy. There are a number of steps the federal government can take to combat white nationalism and its threat to our political systems, transform institutions that reflect dangerous ideologies and rebuild trust in our democracy.
Margaret Huang
SPLC President & CEO

The remarkable thing about this email is how utterly counterfactual it is. The mob that stormed the Capitol was not part of an “attack” that had been “planned” for weeks. Rather, it appears to have been a spontaneous impulse on the part of a comparatively small number of Trump supporters — most of them Alex Jones fans, it seems — who were but a single-digit percentage of the 200,000 in town for the “Stop the Steal” rally. And so far as I’m aware, there is zero evidence that “white nationalist networks” had anything to do with this incident, which appeared to be no more “coordinated” than it was “planned.”

The assertion that Wednesday was an “attempted coup on our democracy” is just a repetition of what Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have been saying since Election Day. Merely repeating a phrase, however, does not make it any more true now than it ever was. Yet what would the SPLC tell their supporters, if they were forced to tell the truth? “Hey, this is just another scare-mongering email about ‘white nationalist’ bogeyman intended to inspire you to give us more money, despite the fact that we’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars already piled up in our offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.”

As long as gullible liberals keep sending money, the SPLC will continue telling them the same stale bullshit they’ve been recycling for years, about how every Republican voter in America — all 74 million who voted to re-elect President Trump — represents a “white supremacist” menace, a “threat to our democracy.” Lying is a pretty lucrative racket, so Margaret Huang will keep sending out emails signed “Sincerely,” but if she sincerely believes what she’s writing, she needs psychiatric treatment.



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