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The Media’s Gaslighting Intensifies: Trump Voters Are ‘Terrorists’?

Posted on | January 15, 2021 | Comments Off on The Media’s Gaslighting Intensifies: Trump Voters Are ‘Terrorists’?

A Chicago Tribune columnist calls Trump supporters “domestic terrorists” and the media is now flatly stating as fact that what happened last week at the Capitol was an “insurrection,” an attempted “coup,” an “attack on our democracy.” These claims are accompanied by frequent assertions that “white supremacists” were responsible.

Calling it a “riot” is one thing — what else to call it when a crowd gets out of control and storms a police barricade? — but it is apparent that most of the people involved we simply caught up in an emotional moment. One of those charged in the Capitol riot is a criminal defense attorney from Americus, Georgia, who says what happened was “civil disobedience.” Well, OK, but MLK famously wrote that letter from the Birmingham jail — “civil disobedience” has legal consequences. If your career aspirations include being author of “Letter From Leavenworth Prison,” then go ahead and ignore federal law, sir. (He’s a University of Georgia alumnus.)

What the media is doing, however, has little or nothing to do with prosecuting people who broke the law (allegedly, as they are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, even though we can all see the photo/video evidence they posted to their social media accounts). Instead, what we are seeing is a conflation of three separate groups:

  1. The people who fomented the Capitol riot;
  2. People who attended President Trump’s rally speech;
  3. The 74 million people who voted to re-elect President Trump.

As I say, the folks arrested at the Capitol will get their day in court. If there was any kind of conspiracy involved in that incident, the people responsible will be brought to justice. But the number of people involved in the Capitol riot were a tiny fraction of the 200,000 or so who came to Washington last week for the “Stop the Steal”/”Save America” rally. It is being stated as a matter of fact — by members of the media, as well as Democrats in Congress — that everybody who voted to reelect Trump is a “white supremacist” complicit in a plot to overthrow the government.

Well, here’s a question: Where were these people allegedly concerned about sedition, when it was Democrats trying to invalidate Trump’s election on the basis of a phony “Russian collusion” hoax?



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