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Democrats and the Media (But I Repeat Myself) Are Trying to Destroy America

Posted on | January 16, 2021 | Comments Off on Democrats and the Media (But I Repeat Myself) Are Trying to Destroy America

Yesterday, Ace of Spades linked to an essay that included this:

Starting in the second decade of the 1900s, certain Communists began seeing in modernism a potential advertisement for the values of a mass society of industrial workers laboring under the direction of a small group of engineers. In other words, this aesthetic — which whole swaths of the Western world were already in the process of quickly adopting — could also be the perfect delivery mechanism for their political ideology. One hundred years later, we find ourselves in the middle of a similar cultural and political struggle.

You can read the rest of that by Alana Newhouse, who examines how an ideal of “flatness” — conformity, homogeneity, the destruction of individualism and the end of actual diversity — has been advanced by Internet technology. We must now endorse whatever beliefs the Party requires, or be destroyed. Dissent against the Party is treason. We are all Winston Smith in Room 101, expected to agree that 2+2=5, if that’s what the Party decides. This is about power, and those who wield power on behalf of the Party — the 20-something SJWs in charge of “fact checks” for the media, and “safety” for social-media platforms — will target you as an enemy if you question their authority to decide what is true.

This is why the phrase “white supremacy” is being slung around so promiscuously by Democrats and their media allies, as if anyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden is a violent neo-Nazi skinhead:

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Friday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that she could not stay in the secure location with Republican members of Congress during the Capitol Hill riots because they sympathize with white supremacist cause.
Maddow said, “Let’s talk about that in terms of members of Congress and congressional staff as well. You are saying that you didn’t feel safe going to that extraction point because you believe, knowing them, that there were members of Congress you didn’t trust not to betray your location and put you in danger in that way. Can you talk a bit more about that, why you believed that, if what you believed about that, what you know about that is something that should be part of the investigation? Or is it part of the investigation that’s been announced into whether members of Congress are complicit here?

(Note well that Maddow and Ocasio-Cortez are tag-teaming here. Without any actual evidence, Maddow asks Ocasio-Cortez about “whether members of Congress are complicit” in the Jan. 6 riot.)

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I can’t speak as to what is currently under investigation specifically or not, but there are members of Congress that have made public comments. Comments like that Muslim Americans should not hold public office. They’ve made public comments that are quite closely aligned with the beliefs of white supremacists and white supremacist sympathizer organizations. These are all public record. And, you know, people of color are not safe around any individual who, frankly, sympathizes with a white supremacist cause. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been elected to Congress or not. It is a complete abdication of any responsibility that we all have to protect and defend and be there for each other as human beings and certainly as Americans. So it wasn’t safe. And the implications of that are quite dire. To not be in a secure location because being in the insecure location seems like a safer bet than being in a secure location. I mean, it’s pretty scary. I can also say I was not the only member of Congress that felt that way. You know, not every member was in that secure room.”

AOC said “white supremacist” three times in about 10 seconds. If you are one of the 74 million Americans who voted to reelect President Trump, AOC is calling you a “white supremacist.” By this, she means, you are a potential terrorist. Every Republican voter should be fired from their job and sent to prison — that is what AOC and Democrats have in mind.

There will be no liberty — no First Amendment protection of free speech, no right to dissent — in the one-party regime that Democrats are preparing to implement. Joe Biden and the Democrats have in mind nothing less than the destruction of America as we know it.



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