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In The Mailbox: 02.04.21 (Afternoon Edition)

Posted on | February 4, 2021 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 02.04.21 (Afternoon Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1252
357 Magnum: He Was Told To Leave. He Didn’t Leave
EBL: The North American Man Boy Lincoln Association (a/k/a The Lincoln Project)
Twitchy: “We Are In Receipt Of Your Latest Public Relations Stunt”
Louder With Crowder: Black NC Lt. Gov Rips Into Media Comparing Him & Others To KKK
Vox Popoli: GamerGate TV, also, Boomers Baffled As Their Music Dies

American Conservative: Biden’s EO On Wind Power Is More Hot Air
American Greatness: Liz Cheney’s GOP Is No More, also, #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett
American Power: CNN’s Big Trump Ratings Bubble Begins To Collapse In Earnest
American Thinker: Toward A Renewable Chaos, also, Trump Will Play The Senate’s Game Using The Democrats’ Chips
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Black Cuban Artist Denounces Systemic Racism Of The Revolution
BattleSwarm: Austin Votes On Wilco Homeless Hotel
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody
Cafe Hayek: A Conversation Between George Will & Oren Cass
Da Tech Guy: A Quick Reminder for Those Who Are Losing Hope, also, Philly’s COVID Mess
Don Surber: Xiden Sinks CNN’s Ratings
First Street Journal: The NYT & The Ministry Of Truth
The Geller Report: Hamas Supporter Placed In Charge Of State Department’s Israel-Palestinian Desk, also, Lying Occasional Cortex Was NOT In The Capitol During Breach
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Democracy Dies In Derpness
Hollywood In Toto: The Reckoning Commits The Worst Horror Movie Sin, also, Toronto Sketch Troupe Cancels Itself
The Lid: Time For Biden’s EO Pen To Run Out Of Ink
Legal Insurrection: Occasional Cortex’ Tale Of Capitol Invasion Woe Is Mostly #FakeNews, also, Biased NYU Study Claims “No Reliable Evidence” Of Big Tech Bias Against Conservatives
Michelle Malkin: Biden’s Department Of Homeland Sleaze Chief
Nebraska Energy Observer: That Reminds Me
Power Line: Biden Staffs Up With Chicom Sympathizers, also, Our Biggest Liar? Joe Biden
Shark Tank: Laura Loomer Defends Marjorie Taylor Greene, Disavows Republican Jewish Coalition
Shot In The Dark: Not An Animal
STUMP: Mortality With Meep – PA, IL, OH, GA, NC, & MI By Race/Ethnicity
The Political Hat: Fisking An Anti-TERF Sports Rant
This Ain’t Hell: Another Idea From The Roman Army, also, There’s No Such Things As The “Deep State”, But Biden Is Purging Trump “Loyalists”
Transterrestrial Musings: Big Tech Censorship
Victory Girls: The Toxic Tears Of AOC’s Femininity
Volokh Conspiracy: My USA TODAY Op-Ed On Biden’s Impressively Far-Reaching Immigration Agenda
Weasel Zippers: President Grandpa Somehow Lost 20 Million Doses Of COVID Vaccine, also, Meme Of The Day – AOC Wasn’t Really There
The Federalist: Chuck Schumer Used Violent Rhetoric To Set A Mob On Two Supreme Court Justices, also, Explore Thomas Sowell’s Remarkable Life In New Documentary
Mark Steyn: Walking On, also, Battling Wokeness

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