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In The Mailbox: 03.08.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Director Blue: MSM Infographic – What To Call Things Depending On Which Party Benefits
357 Magnum: Never Underestimate The Power Of Human Stupidity
EBL: Pepe Le Pew Has A Target On His Back, also, Can Speedy Gonzalez Outrun The Woke Mob?
Twitchy: Matthew Yglesias Claims The Media’s Uncritical Lauding Of Andrew Cuomo & The Lincoln Project Never Happened
Louder With Crowder: Starbucks Demands Woman Mask Up At Drive-Thru While Sitting In Her Car. It Gets Dumber.
Vox Popoli: An Army Of Retards, also, Retreat Means More Retreat
Stoic Observations: The Corpse Flotilla

American Conservative: Correcting The Biden Administration’s Lies About The Border Crisis
American Greatness: Biden Signs EO Expanding Vote By Mail, Other Shady Voting Practices, also, Trump Will Work To Unseat Alaska’s Murkowski
American Power: So Former RI Gov Raimondo Botched State’s COVID Response – The NYT Is Shilling For Her Now That She’s Joined The Biden Administration
American Thinker: Children Need Protection Against Transgender Activists, also, The 21st Century Ugly Americans
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: A Verdict Makes History In Cuba By Rejecting “Contempt” As A Crime, also, The Risks Of Vacationing In The North Korea Of The Americas
BattleSwarm: PSA – Mirrors Aren’t Bulletproof, also, Followup On A Gas/Water Valve Shutoff Tool
Behind The Black: Starship Update, also, Today’s Blacklisted American
Cafe Hayek: Ad Hominem Is Not A Valid Argument, also, Coleman Hughes Is (Justly) Very Critical Of Ibram X. Kendi
CDR Salamander: The Navalist View From Singapore – On Midrats
Da Tech Guy: Screams of Whiskey, also, They’re Not Even Trying Any More
Don Surber: Sidney Poitier, Enemy Of The People, also, Media Lies Are Losing Power
First Street Journal: Senate Democrats Join Republicans To Scuttle $15 Minimum Wage, also, Capitol Police Request Two-Month Extension Of National Guard Deployment
The Geller Report: MI Judge Reinstates Voting Fraud Case After Forensic Audit Of Dominion Voting Machines, also, Switzerland Bans The Burka
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, A Dark Place In The Sky
Hollywood In Toto: Yahoo! Shames Mumford & Sons Musician For Supporting Andy Ngo, also, Modern “Stars” Couldn’t Save Chaos Walking From Flopping
The Lid: The Honey Badger Slams Bad Orange Woman – I Didn’t Do “A Ton Of Circling Back”
Legal Insurrection: TX Gov Abbott Launches “Operation Lone Star” To Strengthen Border Security, also, Media Using Same “Anonymous Sources” Tactic For Capitol Hill Riot That Propelled Russia Hoax
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Naught For Our Comfort
Outkick: Small-Market MLB Teams To Receive Only 50% Of Revenue Sharing This Year, also, Kaepernick To Be Russell Wilson’s Backup In Seattle?
Power Line: Juxtaposition, also, Chauvin Pretrial Notes
Shark Tank: Sabatini Launches “Make America First Again” Congressional Campaign
Shot In The Dark: Voting With Our Dollars
The Political Hat: Buffalo Public Schools To Kindergartners – Go Woke Or black Children Die
This Ain’t Hell: Enough Already! also, Red China’s Army Navy Vs. U.S. Navy
Transterrestrial Musings: The Age Of Space Reconnaissance, also, BlueAnon
Victory Girls: Blue Anon Mocks Liberal Media, Google Censors It, also, Meghan, Harry, Oprah, & The Misogynoir
Volokh Conspiracy: “Health Experts Are Telling Healthy People Not To Wear Face Masks For Coronavirus, So Why Are So Many Doing It?”
Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Clown Warns Of Violent “Paramilitary” Trump Insurgency, also, Shocker! NBA Stars Plan Political Message For All-Star Game
The Federalist: Evangelicals For Biden Feel “Used & Betrayed”, also, Fifteen Insane Things In Democrats’ HR 1 To Corrupt Elections Forever
Mark Steyn: Rickman’s Worth, also, Things To Obsess About Until They Nuke Us

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