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In The Mailbox: 03.11.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

USS Juneau from Azur Lane.

357 Magnum: Except Chicago PD Has Been Known To Ignore Policy
EBL: Cat Fight – DiBlasio Calls On Cuomo To Resign
Twitchy: Actual Pentagon Press Release – “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity In The U.S. Military” (Updated)
Louder With Crowder: Stacey Dash Apologizes Foe Ever Being A Trump Supporter
Vox Popoli: I Don’t Believe Her Either, also, The Costs Of Convergence

American Conservative: Why Liberalism Really Failed
American Greatness: Red China Demands To Be In Charge Of Global Vaccine Passport System
American Power: The Miseducation Of American Elites
American Thinker: The Roots Of Insurrection – Antifa Exposed
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Free Speech News
Babalu Blog: Cuba’s Communist Party Elite Set Up Militarized Secure Areas For Themselves In Havana
BattleSwarm: Government In Action – Idiot Street Signs
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, also, A Proposal To Rebuild Arecibo Better
Cafe Hayek: Some Non-COVID Links
CDR Salamander: …About Those Ports On The Taiwanese East Coast
Da Tech Guy: A Royal Mess, also, Happy One Year Anniversary Of “Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve”
Don Surber: Trump Blimp Mayor Admits Failure
First Street Journal: Good News – Rising Influx Of Illegal Immigrant Children Being Held In “Jail-Like Facilities”, But Not By Biden Administration
The Geller Report: Poll – Americans Worried About Biden’s Ability To Do His Job, also, Indo-Pac Commander – U.S. Losing Its Military Edge In Asia As Red China Plans For War
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, A Black Hole With A Long Jet
Hollywood In Toto: Andrew Klavan – Conservatives Are Fighting Back At Long Last, also, Sir Anthony Hopkins Brings His A+ Game To The Father
The Lid: Sen. Tim Scott Slams MSNBC ‘s Bigot Joy Reid & “Woke Supremacy”
Legal Insurrection: Ivy League Schools Partnering With Healthcare Companies Linked To Chicoms, also, California “Ethnic Studies Currculum” Gets Worse – Heavy On Critical Race Theory, Anti-Israel Activism
Nebraska Energy Observer: This Is The Second
Outkick: President Biden To Give Black Farmers Billions, White Farmers Be Damned, also, Trump Wants Herschel Walker To Run For Senate From Georgia
Power Line: The Geek In Pictures – A Royalty-Free Zone, also, Chauvin Trial Day 3
Shark Tank: Nikki Fried Hypocritically Plays Politics, Attacks DeSantis From Her Official AG Office
Shot In The Dark: Death Spiral
STUMP: Cuomo Killing The Disabled & Elderly – This Time It’s Personal
The Political Hat: The Academic Purging Of Whites – Purging Racist Colonials With Non-Racist Whales, Racist Emancipators Of Slaves, & Racist Conquerors Of Germans
This Ain’t Hell: Fake Navy SEAL Scams People Out Of Over $1 Million, also, SecDef Overruled NGB Chief On Keeping Guardsmen In DC
Transterrestrial Musings: New NSS Leadership, also, SN10
Victory Girls: Grace Church School Issues Newspeak Guide
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal District Court Rules Against CDC Eviction Moratorium
Weasel Zippers: Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s An Ex-Gay, Wants To Help Others Convert From Homosexuality, also, Prince William Slaps Back At Meghan And Her Wife
The Federalist: Courts Repeatedly Refused To Consider Trump’s Election Claims On The Merits, also, TX Governor Abbott Attacks Gab
Mark Steyn: Tragedy Of The Lack Of Commons

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