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In The Mailbox: 04.05.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Satanic Panic 2.0 & Heavy Metal
EBL: Democrat Stooges Target DeSantis
Twitchy: Teens Charged With Carjacking & Murder Of Uber Eats Driver Get A Pretty Sweet Plea Deal
Louder With Crowder: 60 Minutes Busted Deceptively Editing Ron DeSantis In Hit Piece
Vox Popoli: The Wicked Foundations Of Clown World, also, The Media Discovers 2033
Stoic Observations: The Power Of Prayer
Gab News: The Time For Lukewarm Christianity Is Over

Adam Piggott: An Attachment To Pleasure – How To Begin The Process Of Becoming A Man
American Conservative: CNN Versus Biological Reality
American Greatness: The Appeal Of The New Totalitarians, also, A Narrative Collapse In The Chauvin Trial
American Power: Corporations Get Political, Cancel Georgia After State Passes Voting Reform Legislation
American Thinker: When Everybody Is A White Supremacist, also, What’s More American Than Coke & Baseball?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: UN’s International Labor Organization Has Been Complicit In Cuba’s Slave Trade, also, Dissident Rapper Escapes Cuba’s State Security, Leads Neighbors In Chant Against Regime
BattleSwarm: Austin Burning, also, Polish Pastor Don’t Play That
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, also, ISS’ Russian Zvezda Module Is Leaking Again
Cafe Hayek: Trying To Understand The Silence, also, COVIDocratic Tyranny
CDR Salamander: Raids, Probes, & Scouting Parties
Da Tech Guy: Corporations Need To Stay Out Of Politics, also, The Question The Democrats & MLB Aren’t Answering About The Georgia Voting Reform Law
Don Surber: Now That He’s Safe, Hunter Biden (Sorta) Admits The Truth, also, Borrowing $2 Trillion To Spend $921 Billion On Public Works
First Street Journal: Once Again, The Government Is Targeting Religion During Easter, also, Show Me A Bad Kid…
Fred On Everything: War With Red China? What Fun!
The Geller Report: President Trump Calls For Boycott Of Coke, MLB & All Woke Companies, also, Police Ejected From Easter Service – “Get Out, You Gestapo Psychopaths!”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, TANSTAAFL
Hollywood In Toto: How The Phantom Beat The Odds & Became A Cult Favorite, also, Four Times Conservative Art (Or Artists) Got Un-Cancelled
The Lid: Murder Turtle Threatens Woke Corporations Objecting To Georgia’s Election Reforms
Legal Insurrection: Scott Walker Has A Plan To Take Back Culture & Education From The Left, also, 60 Minutes Lies About Gov. DeSantis’ COVID Vaccine Rollout
Nebraska Energy Observer: He Is Risen Indeed!
Outkick: Atlanta Area Will Reportedly Lose $100 Million After Move Of All-Star Game, also, Cowardly NBA Media Refuses To Press LeBron James On Space Jam 2‘s Red China Release
Power Line: Why Does 60 Minutes Still Exist? also, The Great Liberal Death Wish Enters A New Phase
Shark Tank: Florida University Using Anti-Semitic Textbook
Shot In The Dark: Our Ad, also, 2021 Pledge Drive
STUMP: Will The Recent Bailout Destroy Pensions In The Long Run?
The Political Hat: Texas Vs. Critical Race Theory
This Ain’t Hell: Ft. Sill Instructors Suspended After Trainee Alleges Sexual Assault, also,  Another Three Are Known
Transterrestrial Musings: Virtue Signaling, also, The Death Of Density
Victory Girls: Capitol Shooter’s Background Is Inconvenient For The Left, also, Questions About The Illegal Immigrants At The Border
Volokh Conspiracy: Justice Thomas Suggests Rethinking Legal Status Of Digital Platforms
Weasel Zippers: Democratic Mayor Of Palm Beach County Calls 60 Minutes Fake News, also, “Reverend” Warnock Commits Ridiculous Heresy
The Federalist: Questions The Media Should Ask Biden About His Call For Economic Sanctions On Georgia, also, Poll Shows Murkowski Losing To GOP Primary Challenger By Double Digits
Mark Steyn: The Passion Of The Christ, also, Easter Parade

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