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Biden’s ‘Diversity’ Administration

Posted on | May 9, 2021 | Comments Off on Biden’s ‘Diversity’ Administration

We all know what “diversity” means, even if we’re not allowed to say it plainly. “Diversity” in hiring or college admissions would not be controversial if it were, as proponents claim, merely about finding qualified women and POC (“people of color”) for prestige positions. Instead, what “diversity” actually means in practice is a secretive system of quotas where women and POC are hired (or admitted to elite schools) without regard to their relative qualifications. “Diversity” means a lowering of standard in the name of “equality,” and anyone who objects is smeared as a racist, sexist, homophobe. Occasionally, however, the problems with the “diversity” regime become so apparent that even well-mannered people can’t help but complain:

President Joe Biden has now taken the push for “diversity” in STEM to a new level. His candidate to head the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, the largest funder of the physical sciences in the U.S., is a soil geologist at the University of California, Merced. She has no background in physics, the science of energy, or the energy sector. She has never held a position as a scientific administrator. The typical head of DOE’s Office of Science in the past has had managerial authority in the nation’s major physics labs and has been a physicist himself, Science reports. The new nominee’s only managerial experience consists of serving since 2020 as an interim associate dean of UC Merced’s graduate division.
Asmeret Asefaw Berhe is, however, a black female who has won “accolades for her work to promote diversity in science,” as Science puts it. Berhe would be the first black woman to head the $7 billion office, and that is reason enough, according to the diversity mantra, why she should oversee X-ray synchrotrons, the development of nuclear weapons, and ongoing research on nuclear fusion.

(Hat-tip: Vox Day.) Of course, being a black female is not her only qualification for this job. “The main goal of her research is to understand the effect of changing environmental conditions on vital soil processes.” So she’s a member of the “climate” cult, and therefore is perfect for accomplishing Biden’s goal of destroying the U.S. energy industry.



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