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In The Mailbox: 05.10.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Going to be in the Washington area from Tuesday afternoon to next Monday morning, with a debut on The Other Podcast this coming weekend. There will doubtless be other shenanigans, but the flow of daily linkagery may be interrupted occasionally.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Meanwhile, in 1945 Finland…

357 Magnum: People Do Value Privacy
EBL: Elon Musk Brings his Mom To SNL
Twitchy: President Biden’s Message That The Unemployed Must Accept Suitable Work Isn’t Popular
Louder With Crowder: Controversial Billboard Shows Biden & Harris As Actual Piles Of Poop, also, Dave Chappelle Offers Deep Thoughts On Politics In America
Vox Popoli: A Different Kind Of War, also, The French Military Warns The Government
Stoic Observations: A Nation of Stooges

Adam Piggott: Beyond Trump
American Conservative: The Black Deaths Nobody Wants To Discuss
American Greatness: Tuning Out Wokeism, also, What Are The Paleoconservatives Conserving?
American Power: Eric Adams For NYC Mayor!
American Thinker: If There’s Nothing To Hide, Why Are Democrats Freaking Out About The Arizona Audit? also, Biden’s Woke Military Will Embarrass America
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Lifestyles Of The Rich & Communist, also, Cuban Yankees Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Refuses To Play For The Castro Dictatorship
BattleSwarm: Trump Red-Pilled Hispanics, also, Labour Kicked In The Yarbles Again
Behind The Black: NASA Jacks Up The Price For Commercial Use Of ISS, also, Today’s Blacklisted American
Cafe Hayek: Costs Are Subjective, also, Bob Chitester, 1937-2021
CDR Salamander: Why Kiribati & Kanton Matter
Da Tech Guy: Obama & Pritzker Exposed As Frauds On Illinois Gerrymandering, also, Shocked Faces On Jobs & Other Thoughts Under The Fedora
Don Surber: Republicans Getting The Job Done, also, So Woke, People Turned Down $300,000 To Run It
First Street Journal: Gov. Beshear Tries To Finesse COVID Orders To Escape A State Supreme Court Decision
The Geller Report: Policeman Saves Jews From Muslim Lynch Mob In Jerusalem, also, Documents Reveal Chicom Plan To Weaponize Viruses Before Pandemic
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Washington, Baltimore, Skittles, & Galactic Evolution
Hollywood In Toto: The Color of Money Let Scorsese Go Hollywood – On His Terms, also, Critic Confessions – It’s Time For SNL To Go
The Lid: The Biden Regime Has Declared War On Trump Supporters
Legal Insurrection: DOJ’s National Security Division Hires Russia Hoaxer Who Defended Illegal FISA Warrants, also, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Claims Fox Affiliate Coverage Of Her Is “Racist”, Files FCC Complaint
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Grant Moves South
Outkick: Peter King Gets Triggered By Braves Game, also, Facebook Scrambling After Learning Starbucks May Leave After Hateful Comments
Power Line: The War On Standards, U.S. Army Edition, also, The Rising Body Count Of Liberalism
Shark Tank: Blogger Peter Schorsch Forgot He Made These Racial Slurs
Shot In The Dark: When The Truth Leaks Out, also, Renovation
STUMP: Mortality Nuggets
The Political Hat: Green Equity
This Ain’t Hell: Man Busted For Creating Fake Army Unit, also, Dear Abby Stolen Valor Incident
Transterrestrial Musings: The Spectre Haunting The Democrats, also, Mickey Mouse Goes Woke
Victory Girls: Roger Daltrey Has No Fear Of Miserable Wokesters
Volokh Conspiracy: Pre-Writing Justice Breyer’s Obituary
Weasel Zippers: #BLM Rioters Block Traffic In Plano TX,  Pull Guns On Complainers, also, Prices For Everything Going Up
The Federalist: Democrats Celebrate Swindling Americans Into Thinking Biden Is A Moderate, also, Texas House Passes Measure To Yank Funding From Cities That Defund Police
Mark Steyn: Miracle Mile, Or How I Learned To Love Worrying About The Bomb, also, Happy Mother’s Day

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