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In The Mailbox: 05.20.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Kama doesn’t like Carnival Phantasm.

Red Pilled Jew In Exile: Reading The Tells & Survival, Part 2 Of 2
357 Magnum: Math Is Racist – California Edition Totalitarianism Throughout History
EBL: Fungus Among Us – Cicada Genitals Falling Off
Twitchy: Ted Lieu’s Slobbering All Over Biden’s “Competence” Backfires Hilariously
Louder With Crowder: David Hogg – People Who Are Mean to Me Shouldn’t Have Weapons
Vox Popoli: A Portrait In Multiple Failures, also, Stasi In The USA

Adam Piggott: Tearing Off The COVID Mask From The Globohomo Elite
American Conservative: The Deep State Thwarted Trump’s Afghanistan Withdrawal
American Greatness: Why Does The Left Hate Israel? also, Never Again – Standing Up To The Oligarchy
American Power: Structural Antisemitism
American Thinker: The Biden Honeymoon Is Definitely Over, also, What Trump Meant To Millions
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily For The Birds News
Babalu Blog: Teddy Roosevelt Presents The Cuban Flag To T. Estrada Palma, 1902, also, Happy Cuban Independence Day
BattleSwarm: TX Senate Passes Ban On Teaching Critical Race Theory
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, Chicoms Scrub Launch Of Tianzhou Freighter To Tianhe Module
Cafe Hayek: Bonus Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: Worst Leadership Idea Since TQL
Da Tech Guy: So Much For Employers Requiring Vaccines, also, Gov. Noem Meets Screwtape 30
Don Surber: The Mother Of All Witch Hunts
First Street Journal: Krasner Wins Democratic Nomination For Philly DA, also, Apparently It’s Racist Not To Hire A “Professor” To Teach Racism
The Geller Report:  Oregon Counties Vote To Secede & Join Idaho, also, “We Will Kill Every Jew On Planet Earth” – Rashida TlaibHamas
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, The Usual Suspects
Hollywood In Toto:  John Carpenter & Kurt Russell’s Great Escapes
The Lid: Biden Botches Joke Reagan Told In 1988, Calls USCGA Grads “Dull” For Not Laughing
Legal Insurrection: Conservative Activists Target Woke Corporations With Ad Campaign, also,  1619 Project Author Denied Tenure At UNC
Michelle Malkin: Beware Elise Stefanik’s Moneyman
Nebraska Energy Observer: Drugs
Outkick: ESPN’s Smith Race-Baits, Misleads Audience On Tebow Signing & White Privilege, also, Stanford’s Reversal On Cutting 11 Sports Shows What BS It Was In The First Place
Power Line: An Epic Presidential Mismatch, also, Woke Capitalism – Hit Back Twice As Hard
Shark Tank: Fried Says Run For Governor “Makes Sense”
Shot In The Dark: Of Dictators & Religions, also, Counterintuitive
The Political Hat: Anti-Racist Academia – Critical Race Theory Professorship, Faculty of Color Endowed Chair, & Antiracism Librarian
This Ain’t Hell: 3rd SFG PA Captain Under Fire For Commenting On Woman’s Bra Size – On Personal Twitter Account, also, Pvt, Greg Barnett – Phony Fumbles Football & Fakes Purple Hearts
Victory Girls: Intel Report – Yes, COVID Came From Wuhan Lab
Volokh Conspiracy: My Thoughts On Dogecoin
Weasel Zippers: Harris Calls COVID An “Opportunity” To “Transform” Almost Every Part Of America, also, Pentagon Sent Servicemembers Video Claiming White People Are “Inherently Evil”
The Federalist: Chicago’s Mayor Groot Refuses To Be Interviewed By White Reporters, also, Iowa Governor Signs Bill Banning School Mask Mandates
Mark Steyn: Toeing The Line, also, Take Me To Your Non-Binary Leader

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