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In The Mailbox: 05.24.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Blast from the past – They done got their chompers on the oil supply again!

357 Magnum: Your Tax Dollars At Work – Or Not
EBL: The Flaming War Pigs Of Ancient Rome
Twitchy: Sen. Rand Paul Hammers Twitter For Doing Nothing As “C-List Celebrities” Encourage Violence Against Him & His Family
Louder With Crowder: Former NBA Star Kwame Brown Unloads On “Fake Woke” Biden Supporters – “They’re The New KKK”
Vox Popoli: Devil Mouse Is Killing The Classics, also, The Decline & Fall Of Minneapolis



Adam Piggott: Strike Three – Aliens
American Conservative:  How American Journalism Became The Mouthpiece Of The Deep State
American Greatness: Icons With Feet Of Clay, also, Why Are Democrats So Afraid Of Election Audits?
American Power: Politifact Has Egg On Its Face
American Thinker: No Race Has Ever Done More For Another Race Than White Americans Have Done For Black Americans, also, Democrat Projectionists
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Updates On Kidnapped Opposition Leader & Dissidents Imprisoned By Cuba’s Dictatorship
BattleSwarm: Inside The Kamala Harris Bubble, also, Man With Rifle Stops Shooter
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, Virgin Galactic Finally [After Ten Years] Makes Manned Flight From New Mexico
Cafe Hayek: I Thought The Australians Beat COVID-19
CDR Salamander: The Modernization Crunch – On Midrats
Da Tech Guy: Disagreements Under The Fedora, also, A Much Different Diversity Is Needed In Journalism Than The One Mayor Groot Is Looking For
Don Surber: Gutfeld Tops Fallon & Kimmel In The Ratings, also, West Virginia Is Literally Dying
First Street Journal: Fear Is The Mind-Killer, also, Black Lives Don’t Matter In St. Louis!
The Geller Report: NYC Principal Under Fire For Demanding Staff Support Terrorism & Jihad, also, GOP Ballots Fail To Scan In PA – Dominion Responds, and NH Audit Confirms Voting Machines Unreliable
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Does Acme Legal Have A New Client?
Hollywood In Toto: L.A. Story Gave Us The Complete Steve Martin Experience, also, Return Of The Jedi – The Ultimate Review
The Lid: Study Of Asian Hate Crimes Blows Gaping Hole In Left’s “Racist Republicans” Narrative
Legal Insurrection: Effort To Recall Los Angeles DA George Gascon Already Underway, also, Support For #BLM Collapses Among Whites & Hispanics, Drops Among Blacks As Well
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Pentecost
Outkick: Charles Barkley – “The NBA Ain’t Got The Balls To Suspend LeBron James”, also, Traditional HS Basketball Powers Form Their Own Conference
Power Line: Two Court Defeats For Biden’s Racist Policies, also, Pro-Military Democrats? Please.
Shark Tank: First In The Nation – DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Big Tech Deplatforming
Shot In The Dark: Free Fire Zone, also, The Strongly Worded Memo
STUMP: Mortality With Meep
The Political Hat: Rhode Island Vs. Critical Race Theory
This Ain’t Hell: Ft. Belvoir, USS Antietam Under Consideration For Renaming By Woke DOD Commission, also, Another Three Accounted For
Transterrestrial Musings: On The Road Again
Victory Girls: ESPN Claims Tim Tebow Is An Example Of White Privilege
Volokh Conspiracy: TX Lawyers Can Be Sued For Libel Over Press Releases About Complaints
Weasel Zippers: Former ICE Director – Occasional Cortex Is The Least Smart Congressman In The History Of Congress, also, VP Harris Wipes Her Hand On Pants After Shaking ROK President’s Hand
The Federalist: Zuckerberg Should Never Be Allowed To Touch U.S. Elections Again, also, Parents Are Outraged Over NYC Prep School’s “Pornography Training”
Mark Steyn: Traditions & Transgressions, also, When Hollywood Went Nuts – The Chase

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