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In The Mailbox: 06.01.21 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

All coked up with no place to go…but JAIL!

357 Magnum: Armed Teacher Stops Kidnapping
EBL: With The Marines At Tarawa
Twitchy: John Hayward’s Damning Thread On Media’s DELIBERATELY Ignoring The Truth About Antifa, #BLM, & The Wuhan Lab Leak Is A Must Read
Louder With Crowder: Chris Pratt Blasts Anti-American Losers In Patriotic Memorial Day Message
Vox Popoli: Creepy Joe Strikes Again, also, The Mark Of The Sports Beast
Stoic Observations: The Epistemics

Adam Piggott: The Top Ten Manly War Films Of All Time
American Conservative: America Might Have Funded Corona-Chan
American Greatness: As The Big Lie About Brian Sicknick Persists, Alleged Attackers Languish In Jail, also, The New Regressive Dark Ages
American Power: After The Massacre – Black Property Owners Leveraged Land To Bring Businesses Back
American Thinker: Time For A Coalition Of Free American States, also, Harry, Formerly Known As Prince
Animal Magnetism: Remember
Babalu Blog: Cuban Dictatorship Confiscates Baseball Players’ Cell Phones After High-Profile Defection, also, Why Cuban Baseball Players Defect
BattleSwarm: Memorial Day – Remembering William James Bordelon and John Henry Pruitt
Behind The Black: A Visit To The Crater Near The Non-Face On Mars
Cafe Hayek: Scarcity Is Not Prosperity
Da Tech Guy: Clarence Thomas, TMZ, & The Left’s Greatest Fear Realized
Don Surber: When Was Trump Wrong? also, Obama Judge Flips Out
First Street Journal: 18th Century Technology – More Devastation For Print Newspapers, also, Black Lives Don’t Matter In St. Louis
Fred On Everything: Computational Aspects OF The Murder Hornet
The Geller Report: “We Will Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To White People”, also, While Democrats Work Furiously To Persecute Capitol Protesters, Administration Quietly Releasing Deadly Islamic Terrorists
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Zooming In On NGC 2276
Hollywood In Toto: Why A Quiet Place Part II‘s Strong Start Doesn’t Mean Movies Are Back (Yet), also, Bastards’ Road Director Shares How Veterans’ Documentary Changed His Life
The Lid: VP Harris Gets Shredded On Twitter for Insensitive Memorial Day Tweet
Legal Insurrection: Memorial Day 2021 – Remembering What Was & What Might Have Been, also, Is The Political End Of Netanyahu Near?
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Celebrating Heroes Proved In Liberating Strife
Outkick: Belgian Weightlifter Calls Olympic Transgender Inclusion “A Bad Joke”, also, Tampa Bay Rays Moving To Nashville?
Power Line: Princeton Drops Latin & Greek Requirement For Classics Majors, also, America’s Honor
Shark Tank: Democrats Focus On “Gun Violence” In Miami Shooting, Not Premeditated Criminal Act
Shot In The Dark: Memorial Day, also, You Were Warned. Fat Lot Of Good It Did.
The Political Hat: Lockheed Martin Goes Woke, also, Michigan Vs. Critical Race Theory
This Ain’t Hell: Biden Says Red China Believes They’ll Own The US In Fifteen Years, also, Crenshaw Says “Enough Is Enough”
Transterrestrial Musings: “Necessary, But Not Sufficient”, also, Twelve Anti-Free Speech Arguments Dismantled
Victory Girls: The 442nd RCT – A Legacy Of Valor & Sacrifice
Volokh Conspiracy: The Risks When Law School Deans Go Woke
Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep Barbara Lee Claims Banning Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Is Racist, also, Virginia Teacher Put On Administrative Leave For Saying Boys Can’t Be Girls
The Federalist: Afghan Interpreters Who Saved American Lives Deserve Better Than Deadly Extraction Backlogs, also, Federal Commission Wrongly Puts “Antietam” On Confederate Names Chopping Block
Mark Steyn: Straight Men & Bent Bananas, also, Twenty-Four Hours In Tulsa

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