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Robbery Victim Shot Seven Times, But He Survived. Why? Because He Shot Back

Posted on | June 15, 2021 | Comments Off on Robbery Victim Shot Seven Times, But He Survived. Why? Because He Shot Back

This crime didn’t happen in a ghetto, but in a thriving suburban commercial area west of Houston, Texas, in a McDonald’s parking lot:

Houston police have just released surveillance video of a violent robbery that happened on May 28 in which the victim was shot seven times.
They hope someone may recognize the suspect they believe is responsible for not only this crime but another violent robbery that happened on May 7.
Houston police said a man pulled into a fast-food restaurant parking lot in the 3100 block of Fountain View on May 28 because he wanted to grab a shirt out of his trunk.
He was ambushed by a suspect who put a gun to his head and demanded his property, police said.
When he refused, the suspect started shooting at him, striking him seven times in the chest, legs and hand.
“A lot more of our suspects have guns involved, and not only do they have guns, they’re using them,” said Sr. Ofc. Jeff Brieden with HPD’s Robbery Division.
Police said while the man was being shot at, he was able to reach for his gun and fire at the suspect, who was possibly injured but he got away.
The victim was able to get back inside of his vehicle and drive away to find help. He survived after two days in the hospital.
Officer Brieden thinks the suspect followed the victim, possibly for his BMW convertible or Rolex watch. . . .
During an investigation into this robbery, police discovered shell casings from the suspect’s gun matched the same shell casings from a robbery that happened on May 7 in the 2700 block of Travis.
Police said two people had just gotten out of their vehicle and were approached by an unknown man who pointed a gun at them while demanding their property.
The victims ran away from the suspect who police said shot at them twice, narrowly missing them.
The only description police have of the suspect is that he is a Black man who is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has a skinny build and on the robbery that happened May 28, he got away in a small white SUV.

While there was no description of the weapons involved, my guess is that the robber must have been using a smaller-caliber pistol because how else do you survive seven shots? The key factor, however, is that the victim decided not to be a victim. Watch the video:


Once the victim fired back, the robber took off running.

Look, if you’re going to drive around in a BMW and wear a Rolex watch, you’d better be prepared to deal with carjackers and thieves.

It’s 2021, Joe Biden is president and the judges everywhere are turning loose violent criminal because “social justice” or whatever. You may think you’re safe because you live in a “good” neighborhood, but bad guys from bad neighborhoods might decide to visit your neighborhood.



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