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Sam Seder Is Garbage, and Nobody Blames His Ex-Wife for Leaving Him

Posted on | June 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Sam Seder Is Garbage, and Nobody Blames His Ex-Wife for Leaving Him

We should avoid wishing ill on others, or celebrating their misery, but on the other hand, bad things happen to bad people, and there probably aren’t many people who are worse than Sam Seder.

Seder is the kind of person I have in mind when I point out that, for liberals, liberalism is an acceptable substitute for virtue. This is why, whenever any B-list celebrity wants to get attention, they begin making noisy political gestures about racism or global warming or some other issue that’s currently big among liberals, because they know this will win them praise for their courage, as if this actually involves risk.

You’ve probably never heard of Sam Seder, a comedian so obscure that he’s not even as high as Kathy Griffin’s D-list. Insofar as Seder has a claim to fame, it’s that he used to be a vacation guest host for Keith Olbermann back in the day. Seder was a stand-up comic back in the 1990s. He once dated Sarah Silverman, and was a writer/actor on a few TV shows, but lacked the talent necessary to be successful in Hollywood, so he migrated into political commentary, where the best thing you could say about his career is that he hasn’t completely failed. Yet.

A few years ago, Seder played helpless victim after Mike Cernovich dug up an old tweet of Seder’s in which he made a truly tasteless joke about Roman Polanski — sufficiently tasteless that even MSNBC was shocked. Seder was fired from MSNBC, but then reinstated after the executives decided they didn’t want to give Cernovich a “win,” even if it meant keeping on their payroll somebody who made rape jokes. Seder’s fellow media liberals rescued him by misrepresenting the issue (e.g., HuffPo headlined it, “MSNBC Gives In To Disingenuous Right-Wing Smear, Fires Sam Seder”), so as to obscure the genuinely offensive nature of what Seder said on Twitter. Let it not be said either (a) that I’m against “edgy” humor, or (b) that I am in favor of “cancelling” people over a single out-of-context remark. However, other people have lost jobs for saying things less offensive than Seder’s joke and, while I get the point that he was using dark sarcasm against those who were petitioning on behalf of Polanski, still we’re talking about MSNBC here. What’s the standard? “Rape jokes are OK, as long as they’re actually anti-rape jokes”?

The way Seder played the martyred hero-victim in that incident should raise questions about his character, even more than the joke itself, but Seder is sufficiently obscure that I never paid any attention to him until today, when Tim Pool discussed Seder’s latest stunt:


What happened was that Steven Crowder (who has 5.5 million YouTube subscribers) was invited to debate Ethan Klein (3 million YouTube subscribers), and then Klein used this to play a dishonest trick by bringing in Seder (1.1 million YouTube subscribers). Crowder was having none of this crap, and “walked off” (insofar as one walks off a virtual online connection). Liberal media, naturally, hailed this as a victory, but Tim Pool makes an important point: Sam Seder is not popular.

Despite having more than a million subscribers (mainly because he’s been YouTubing for more than a decade), most of Seder’s videos get fewer than 50,000 views and some get less than 10,000 views. So this dirty trick by Ethan Klein was an effort to boost Seder’s profile — to rescue him from his increasing irrelevance — by tag-teaming him into the debate with Crowder, one of the most popular YouTubers.

Steven Crowder routinely — routinely — gets 900,000 views on his videos, which is a bigger audience than most CNN programs. Maybe you don’t like Crowder, or disagree with his opinions, but he is unquestionably at least five times more popular than Sam Seder, and probably closer to 20 times more popular than Seder.

So why should Crowder let Sam Seder parasitically exploit him for clicks?

If you didn’t watch that Tim Pool video about what a dishonest scumbag Sam Seder really is, you should take time to watch it now.

There is a reason why Sam Seder is unpopular, see? He is a bad person, a detestable piece of garbage, a compulsive liar who cannot be trusted. And nobody — absolutely nobody — blames his ex-wife for divorcing him.



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