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In The Mailbox: 06.30.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Especially important this time of year.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1399
357 Magnum: Cognitive Dissonance & Crime In Big Cities
Red Pilled Jew: Quick Takes
EBL: MAGA Help To Surfside
Twitchy: Robin DiAngelo’s New Book Nice Racism? Taibbi Says It’s “A Juggernaut Of Cringe”
Louder With Crowder: Ilhan Omar Doubles Down On Antisemitism During CNN Appearance & Then Triples Down
Vox Popoli: A Public Service, also, Why We Fear The Night

Adam Piggott: On Race & Nationhood
American Conservative: You Still Have To Bake The Cake, Bigot
American Greatness: Question The Cowards, also, Zampolits Of Wokeness
American Thinker: Lester Holt, Poster Child For Media Bias, also, The Fifty-Year War On America’s Soul
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Today In 1961, Fidel Declares Any Art Outside The Revolution Unlawful
BattleSwarm: Democratic Power Grab In Harris County
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, SpaceX Launch Scrubbed After Pilot Wanders Into “Unreasonably Gigantic” Launch Zone
Cafe Hayek: If Only Foreigners Were Willing To Hold Even More U.S. Dollars Indefinitely
CDR Salamander: PLAN Submarine Recce Guide
Da Tech Guy: New Statue Rules & A California Warning Under The Fedora, also, Report From Louisiana – On Blogging & New Platforms
Don Surber: Shut Up, Obama, also, Help Red China Collapse
First Street Journal: We Can See It Coming, also, It Only Takes A Slight Omission To Completely Skew The Story
The Geller Report: NYC’s Mayoral Vote Voided After 135,000 Ballot “Discrepancy”, also, “This Is Xi-N-N”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, A Question Of Taste
Hollywood In Toto: Why We Need Mel Brooks Now More Than Ever, also, Black Widow – That Old MCU Magic Is Gone
The Lid: RIP Donald Rumsfeld, A True Public Servant
Legal Insurrection: Democrats & White House Double Down On Claim That GOP Wanted To Defund The Police, also, Insiders Reveal Kamala Harris’ VP Office Is Toxic, Abusive Mess – Just Like Her Campaign
Michelle Malkin: Corrupt-A-Homa – Judicial Abuse In The Heartland
Nebraska Energy Observer: A Protest In Blighty & Pretty Girls In Frocks
Outkick: Gwen Berry Claims “I Never Said That I Hated The Country”, also, College World Series Attendance Soars Even After Kicking NC State
Power Line: The More I Learn About Ron DeSantis, also, The NSA Vs. Tucker Carlson – An Update
Shark Tank: DeSantis Vetoes No-Fault Rule Bill
Shot In The Dark: The Real Problem, also, “Mussolini-Like Power” & “Single-Man Autocratic Rule” Must Not Be Polling Well
The Political Hat: When There Is Nothing More Racist Than Racial Healing, also, Critical Race Theory Gaslighting FAIL
This Ain’t Hell: Ex-CSM Accused Of Desertion During CID Probe Into Sexual Assault, also, Capt. Donald Rumsfeld (USNR, Ret.), Twice Former SecDef, Dies At 88
Transterrestrial Musings: Space Solar Power, also, The Agent-Escape Problem
Victory Girls: Bill Cosby Conviction Overturned, He’s Released From Prison
Volokh Conspiracy: Update From S. Dakota – Judge Kornmann Appoints Special Prosecutor To Try U.S. Marshals For Contempt
Weasel Zippers: House Democrats’ Solution To Border Crisis Is To Defund Immigration Enforcement Agencies, also, Democrats In Ohio Statehouse Chimp Out Over Introduction Of “Anti-Transgender” Bill
The Federalist: The CDC’s Latest Poll On COVID Natural Immunity Totally Backfired, also, If You Only Listen To Corporate Media, You’d Never Know Churches Are Burning
Mark Steyn: Weight Grifting, also, The Erasure Was Forgotten

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