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Living Well Is the Best Revenge, Except for Rubbing Your Enemies’ Faces in Their Shameful and Irreparable Failure

Posted on | August 21, 2021 | Comments Off on Living Well Is the Best Revenge, Except for Rubbing Your Enemies’ Faces in Their Shameful and Irreparable Failure

Good news, bad news: The good news is, all Trump’s enemies now look like utter fools. The bad news is, it’s because Biden has wrecked American foreign policy and doomed thousands to death by the Taliban.

Ace of Spades is doing a happy dance on Allahpundit’s face and, as much as Allah deserves this disgrace, it’s hard to be too happy about it.

Winning an argument is good. Seeing your antagonists exposed as fools is also good. But is victory so sweet, if won at such cost? An absolute catastrophe is now unfolding in Afghanistan because the guy that all the Smart People™ told us would Restore Our Precious Norms has turned out to be a blundering dimwit. And as much as we enjoy this vindication — “We told you so, you damned fools!” — it does not alleviate the horror of watching America’s reputation go up in a cloud of smoke.

Nevertheless, we must endeavor to persevere.

Multiple reporters call BS on Biden for saying
Americans are able to get to the Kabul airport

That’s the headline on Allahpundit’s post, pointing out that even the Democratic Party operatives with bylines — at outlets like CNN, ABC and Politico — are contradicting Biden’s claims. This is the same Biden who, all the Smart People™ assured us, would restore America’s reputation by bringing decades of foreign policy wisdom to the job. And he’s fucked it up like a retarded third-grader playing with explosives.

Allahpundit laments that Biden “either doesn’t know what’s happening on the ground or he’s deliberately lying to Americans about it,” but this ignores a third possibility, that Biden’s brain has melted down to the point where he’s just repeating whatever his handlers have told him to say, without any comprehension of the actual substance.

Sundown Joe is lost in a mental fog, so that it never occurred to him, while looking over the plans for Afghanistan, to ask, “Wait a minute — we’re going to shut down Bagram Airbase before we’ve finished evacuating our personnel and allies? What the heck is this malarkey?”

Biden Assured Allies in June
U.S. Would Ensure Kabul’s Stability

That’s the headline on a Bloomberg News about how our European allies find themselves cast in the role of Flounder in an Animal House remake, when Otter tells him, “You fucked up. You trusted us.” Instapundit has a note from a friend informing him that many young Europeans now stranded in Afghanistan are the offspring of the elite — “trust funders,” we’d call them — whose frantic parents are burning up the phone lines demanding that their governments rescue their kids in Kabul.

Imagine the pampered 20-something daughter of a French or Belgian bigwig, with her degree in international relations, doing some kind of NGO work for women’s rights in Afghanistan and then, quite suddenly, the Taliban swoop down out of the hills, and she’s forced into hiding while a horde of bearded machine-gun-wielding fanatics take over whatever provincial hamlet she was working in.

Oh, daddy’s money won’t help her much in that predicament, and there are literally thousands of these young NGO workers now trapped in Afghanistan, a situation that seems quite likely to replicate the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, except on a much larger scale. How many hundreds of Americans are going to be held hostage in Afghanistan? How many Brits, Canadians, Dutch, Germans, etc.? Quite a few, almost certainly. And like Instapundit’s friend says, these people tend to come from the elite strata of society. The children of the working class and lower middle class don’t generally go into non-profit humanitarian work overseas.

Sure, it’s possible to grin at the plight of these posh do-gooders, if you have a dark sense of humor and a chip on your working-class shoulder. Your kid can’t afford to attend a $70,000-a-year school like Georgetown or Harvard, just to go off to Afghanistan and work for an NGO, so maybe you feel just the tiniest bit of schadenfreude toward the life-or-death peril now facing those kids whose daddies could afford to bankroll their Exciting Opportunity to Help Poor Brown People.

You know you shouldn’t feel pleasure about this — rich kids hiding from roving bands of goat-fucking savages somewhere near Kandahar — but humanitarian sympathy is a sort of luxury, a status commodity that the lower classes can’t afford. One of my kids spent a few months in Afghanistan, working for a human-rights organization you may have heard of, the 82nd Airborne, but that’s a different kind of work, which attracts a different type of personnel than these NGO types now set to star in a remake of that 1970s classic, “America Held Hostage.”

The temptation toward dark sarcasm is overwhelming, quite the way Ace is tempted to make America’s humiliation in Afghanistan an excuse to do a happy dance all over Allahpundit’s smug neocon face. We must strive to resist this temptation, however. Our gloating is unseemly, at a time when we need to be praying to God that, by some kind of miracle, our nation can survive until January 20, 2025. Tough years ahead, folks.



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