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In The Mailbox: 08.24.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Pull the other one, Bad Orange Woman.

357 Magnum: How Serious Is Chicago About Stopping Crime?
Red Pilled Jew: Quick Takes – Hat Trick
EBL: Charlie Watts, RIP, also, The Democrats Are Only Half The Problem
Twitchy: “Damn The Deadline!” also, Democrat Strategist Outs Politico As “Right-Wing Propaganda Operation”
Louder With Crowder: Unjabbed Teen Has To Wear Ankle Tracker At School – But It Gets Worse
Vox Popoli: Red China Shows Up For The Future, also, It’s A Mystery

Adam Piggott: The Big Five-Oh
American Conservative: Lockdown Australia – Eureka Rebellion Round Two, also, Why Permanent Renting Is Bad For Our Souls
American Greatness: Feds Lower Expectations For 1/6 Probe, also, Biden Bends The Knee To The Taliban
American Power: “Dumkirk”
American Thinker: The Deep State & Afghanistan, also, The Afghanistan Debacle Will Consign The Current Ruling Class To The Dustbin Of History
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Biden’s Failures News
Babalu Blog: Another Building Collapses In Havana
BattleSwarm: Cuomo Leaves His Dog Behind, also, Why The Hell Does Twitter Need Access To Network Devices?
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, First Hi-Res Radio Images Of Metal Asteroid Psyche
Cafe Hayek: Religious Exemption At GMU, also, Another First-Hand Report From Dystopia Down Under
CDR Salamander: Eight Days In Kabul
Da Tech Guy: Give All of Our Allies The Bomb, also, One Line Responses To Tweets Under My Fedora
Don Surber: The Taliban Is Kicking Us Out, also, The Elite Wants Us Destroyed
First Street Journal: Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, also, Does Lexington Herald-Leader Columnist Linda Blackford Actually Read The Herald-Leader?
The Geller Report: Sexual Predator & Mass-Murderer Cuomo Stripped Of Ridiculous Emmy, also, CBS Poll – Majority Of Americans No Longer Think Biden Is Competent
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Non-Stranded Non-Hostages, and Not Just Clueless But Lawless Too
Hollywood In Toto: Shang-Chi Shows MCU’s Decline Not A Foregone Conclusion, also, Will Antiwar Hollywood Make Movies About Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle?
The Lid: During Kamala’s Singapore Visit, Team Biden’s Afghanistan Bungling Takes Center Stage
Legal Insurrection: Diversity Training At Vanderbilt U Employs “Feelings Wheel”, also, LA Times Columnist Dragged On Twitter For Tone-Deaf “Latinx” Tweets
Nebraska Energy Observer: Neo – The Interview
Outkick: Herschel Walker’s Running For The Senate From Georgia, also, The Wokes Are Trying To Cancel Notre Dame’s Leprechaun Mascot
Power Line: What About Pakistan? also, Beyond Baghdad Bob
Shark Tank: Miami Herald Reporter Insinuates Matt Gaetz’ Wedding Was Staged
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To All You “Punch A Nazi” Morons, also, I’m Old Enough To Remember
The Political Hat: American Express Goes Woke
This Ain’t Hell: Something Is Rotten In WDC, also, Biden Caves To Taliban, Will Stick To 8/31 Deadline
Transterrestrial Musings: Chaos On The Ground
Victory Girls: Yes, Jen, Americans ARE Stranded In Afghanistan
Volokh Conspiracy: “Vaccine Passports As A Constitutional Right”, also, Kim Klacik Sues Candace Owens For Defamation
Weasel Zippers: A Former CIA Op Got 500 Terps To Safety – State Dept. Sent Them Back, also, Schiff Sticks It To Biden
The Federalist: DeSantis Vindicated – No Science Behind Masks On Kids, also, “My Body, My Choice” Was Always A Lie
Mark Steyn: Remembering “The Big Voice On The Right”, also, Screwing The Pooch

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