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Coming This Fall: ‘That 70s Show 2.0’

Posted on | August 26, 2021 | Comments Off on Coming This Fall: ‘That 70s Show 2.0’

The Biden administration is desperately trying to spin its bug-out in Afghanistan as a “success,” or as Jim Treacher says, “Biden Sank the Ship and Now He’s Bragging About the Number of Lifeboats.” That is to say, the scramble to get Americans and their Afghan allies out of the country in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover is “successful” in terms of the total number of those evacuated, but this doesn’t change the underlying fact that Biden’s misguided policy has produced an utter catastrophe.

Despite such “success,” the situation is going from bad to worse.

U.S. Tells Stranded Americans
in Afghanistan to Avoid Airport

UK Warns of ‘Very Credible’ Intelligence
on ‘Imminent’ Kabul Attack

Those are a couple of Breitbart headlines and, just since I started writing this, news has broken of a “large explosion” near one of the gates at the airport in Kabul, so who knows what comes next?

One thing seems obvious: Dozens of Americans, and perhaps hundreds, will not be able to escape Afghanistan before next Tuesday’s deadline, and nearly all of those Americans are likely to be captured and held as hostages by the Taliban. There will then ensue an ordeal in which the Biden administration attempts to negotiate the release of American hostages in Afghanistan — a repeat of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, except that it’s likely to be much worse, and last much longer.

You think Biden’s poll numbers are bad now? Just wait until the Taliban starts beheading American hostages on livestream videos.

Of course, it’s wrong to view a crisis like this from a perspective of partisan political advantage — but that is exactly what Biden and the Democrats have been doing all along. The reason Biden announced a total pullout by the end of August was that he envisioned a White House speech on 9/11 declaring a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan — a nice “optic” for the 20th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks, with the friendly Kabul regime in power, and all U.S. troops out.

In other words, Biden and his advisers saw the Afghanistan withdrawal as an opportunity for a political “win,” but in planning for this, he and his aides failed to anticipate how quickly the Kabul regime would collapse, once they lost the assistance of U.S. military forces. So instead of keeping Bagram Air Base in operation — as a source of air support for the government — until the withdrawal was completed, instead they shut down Bagram early, thinking that the Kabul government would at least be able to hold back the Taliban until after Biden gave his big 9/11 speech. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “DOH!”

As bad as the situation has been so far in Afghanistan, it is a pale shadow of the monstrous situation that looms over the horizon. A month from now, Biden’s going to be face-to-face with a dark nightmare.



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