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In The Mailbox: 09.01.21 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Red Pilled Jew: Aid & Comfort
357 Magnum: Power In New Orleans Area Will Be Out For Weeks
EBL: Does Joe Biden Really Know What Time It Is? [Does Joe Biden really care?]
Twitchy: Ric Grenell Suggests NYT’s Maggie Haberman Learn To Code If She Won’t Cover Biden’s Phone Call
Louder With Crowder: Gold Star Mother Shares Her Unfiltered Experience With Biden At Dover AFB – “You Rolled Your F***ing Eyes”
Vox Popoli: First They Shut Down Big Tech, also, The Imperial USA Retreats

Adam Piggott: A Lunch In Amsterdam, also, The Fake Nitrogen Crisis & Stealing Land
American Conservative: Woke Bacha Bazi
American Greatness: Retired Generals & Admirals Sign Letter Demanding Austin & Milley Resign, also, Gold Star Parents Lash Out At Biden After Meeting At Dover AFB
American Power: Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Rescue Biden In 2008 Left Behind By American Forces
American Thinker: Neither Honor Nor Shame, also, High Crimes & Misdemeanors In 1787
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Signs & Portents News
Babalu Blog: Even Cuban Police Dogs Are Uncomfortable With Regime’s Extreme Violence, also, Communist Cuba Premieres New Fragrance – Canel No.5, Eau De Singao
BattleSwarm: Vice Media Lays Off Writers, also, Coal Power Vs. Wind Power
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, also, ROK To Launch Own Rocket In October
Cafe Hayek: Government Officials Are Not Prone To Admit Their Errors, also, Unholy Politics
CDR Salamander: Kabul’s Child Sacrifice
Da Tech Guy: It’s A Crazy World When The Radical Feminists Act Saner Than Our Government, More Friends Gone Too Soon, and Report From Louisiana – Hurricane Ida
Don Surber: Back To Killing Babies In Afghanistan, The Harvey Weinstein-ed News, and The Winner & Champion Is Red China
First Street Journal: It’s A Good Thing The Government Doesn’t Have All Your Health Records, also, Jill Filipovic Is Just Hopping Mad!
The Geller Report: Twitter & Facebook Suspend Account Of Grieving Gold Star Mother, also, NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT Joined Moment Of Silence For Our Slaughtered Troops
Hogewash: The Demise Of Certain Yard Signs, also, Joe Xiden Gave Another Speech Today
Hollywood In Toto: Gary Sinise Is Having A Quiet Comeback We Should All Celebrate, also, Hollywood Silent As Cancel Culture Crushes Comedy – Again
The Lid: Biden Screwed Up The Afghanistan Withdrawal Because He Used Politics To Make Military Decisions
Legal Insurrection: Pacific U Fires Tenured Prof For “Insensitive” Statements Like “Every Person Has A Gender” , also, School Board Members Quitting Over Hostile Meetings With Parents About CRT, Masks
Nebraska Energy Observer: Remembrance & Sedition, also, How Things Become Clear
Outkick: VA School Board Falls Victim To Simpsons-Inspired Prank, also, SC Promotes Graduate Assistant To Starting QB
Power Line: How Many Stranded Americans? also, No Blinken Way
Shark Tank: Clowdus Makes Big Promises Amid Tense Primary Battle
Shot In The Dark: Unexpected Consequences, also, Armageddon Deferred, Karens Hardest Hit
The Political Hat: Tyger Tyger Raping Bright, also, When Your Gender Is A Pizza
This Ain’t Hell: General Reportedly Cancels Marines’ Flight Out Of Kabul So They Can “Clean The Base For The Taliban” First, Joey Galindo – Green Beret Fake, and We’re Leaving, Mmmkay?
Transterrestrial Musings: Austin & Milley Must Resign, also, SLS
Victory Girls: Biden Speech – Recycled Lines With Increased Volume, also, SOS Blinken – U.S. Military Left Kabul, Managing To Utter One Fact
Volokh Conspiracy: Lawsuit Over Fox News Supposed Coronavirus Misrepresentations Rejected
Weasel Zippers: Looting Happens Across New Orleans As Dimwit Mayor Insists It’s Not Happening, also, GOP Vet Predicts Pelosi Won’t All Afghanistan Probe
The Federalist: VA Supremes Affirm Reinstatement Of Loudon Co. Teacher Fired For Not Using Anti-Science Pronouns, also, Watch As Hundreds Give Rylee McCollum’s Family A Somber Welcome Home
Mark Steyn: Do You Know What It Means To Miss Being Way Down Yonder In New Orleans? also, Going With The Flow

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