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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | September 3, 2021 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous

When Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana, everybody was impacted, but the demented and deranged were incapable of coping:

A 65-year-old Kenner resident who had been committed to the hospital more than a dozen times for mental health issues was identified Thursday as the woman shot to death by a Jefferson Parish deputy sheriff after she hurled racist slurs at a water main repair crew in Metairie and twice tried to run over another deputy with her car.
The death of Anne Schilly illustrates how the grueling conditions left behind by Hurricane Ida can strain those who are living with mental illness, said Jefferson’s coroner, Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich.
Jefferson was still saddled with widespread power and water outages on Thursday, four days after a fierce Hurricane Ida roared ashore, exacerbating the extreme temperatures that are typical this time of year. Gasoline was also in precariously short supply, keeping most businesses closed and government services such as garbage collection slow to come online.
“This place right now is not the place for” people with mental health issues, said Cvitanovich, whose office handles mental health commitments along with death examinations. “If you have the opportunity to get these people out, please do so. The resources here are not good for them. It is a dangerous situation.”
Exact details about why Schilly had been involuntarily committed weren’t available Thursday. But Cvitanovich estimated she had been committed 15 to 20 times.
The Sheriff’s Office was also familiar with her, though it wasn’t immediately clear how many times deputies had encountered her and what the outcomes of those interactions were.
A woman identifying herself as Schilly’s daugther said that in addition to mental illness, her mother had long struggled with alcohol addiction and the death of her husband.
Schilly drove up to parish workers repairing a damaged water main in the 6400 block of Park Manor Drive on Wednesday. She began yelling that they were “f—-g n—-s” who needed to go back to their countries, according to video recorded by an eyewitness and shared with The Times-Picayune.
The workers flagged down deputies and reported the harassment. The deputies spoke with Schilly while she was still in her BMW sport-utility vehicle. . . .

OK, stop right there! How the heck is this deranged woman driving a BMW? There is something deeply wrong in this world, when I’m driving a battered old Nissan while a dangerous lunatic who ought to be in a mental institution is driving a luxury SUV. But never mind that . . .

A video recorded by the witness showed Schilly pointing at the workers, again calling them racist names and demanding that deputies arrest them.
One of the deputies was wearing street clothes, while another wore a uniform. Both seemed to try to get her to calm down and leave, but she ultimately rolled her window up and sped off, hitting and dragging the plainclothes deputy down the street while he had a hand on her car.
The deputies chased her by car for almost a mile to Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Lisa Drive, where she encountered a traffic jam. She hit the same deputy a second time after he stepped in front of her vehicle. At that point, the other deputy fired his duty pistol several times, striking and killing her.
Sheriff Joe Lopinto said it’s always difficult when deputies must fire their weapons to protect their own lives. But he said his officer acted justifiably, and there was no excuse for Schilly to behave the way she did.

It’s probably wrong for me to say I’m glad they shot her, but it’s very important, from a “social justice” perspective, that cops kill white people when they do things that they’d get shot for if they were black. We can’t have “white privilege” protecting crazy people, especially the ones who try to run over cops while driving BMWs.




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