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Fake ‘Right-Wing Rally’ in D.C. Attracts Mainly Media, Undercover FBI Agents

Posted on | September 20, 2021 | Comments Off on Fake ‘Right-Wing Rally’ in D.C. Attracts Mainly Media, Undercover FBI Agents

Last week, I warned (“The Post-Afghanistan ‘Pivot,’ as Predicted,” Sept. 10) that because the Biden administration “desperately needs a distraction from their endless bungling,” people were justifiably suspicious that the “Justice for J6” rally was an entrapment scheme.

Most people seemed to get that message — indeed, Donald Trump himself warned it was a “setup” — and the presence of numerous plainclothes FBI agents was painfully obvious. I say “plainclothes,” because if these agents were supposed to be undercover, the FBI really needs some new training protocols on what “undercover” means.

As I said before, organizers of the “Justice for J6” rally may have been entirely sincere in their desire to call attention to how those arrested in the Capitol riot are basically “political prisoners.” But this does not mean that they weren’t being influenced by FBI informants or undercover operatives — agents provocateurs seeking to undermine the organization they are pretending to support. In the two weeks prior to Saturday’s rally, the mainstream media was sounding alarms about how this event showed the potential violent danger of right-wing extremism.

AP sources: Intel shows extremists
to attend Capitol rally

Associated Press, Sept. 2

As Sept. 18 rally approaches,
violent language ramps up online

Roll Call, Sept. 8

Washington ramps up security
ahead of Sept. 18 rally

The Hill, Sept. 13

DHS warns of potential for violence
surrounding the ‘Justice for J6’ rally
in intelligence brief

CNN, Sept. 16

Capitol, D.C. police say city
prepared in case of violence
connected to Justice for J6 rally

Washington Post, Sept. 17

All of these dire warnings from the media — and I’ve just cited a random few headlines from the dozens, if not hundreds of “news” articles sounding the alarm about this event — had about as much factual basis as, oh, I don’t know, the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory.

Notice how the media’s errors, insofar as they confer any partisan advantage, always seem to work to the advantage of Democrats?

Do you think that’s merely a coincidence? Because I don’t think so.

I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.



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