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In The Mailbox: 09.30.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Cognitive dissonance

357 Magnum: Another Fake Hate Crime
EBL: The Largest Ostrich Subspecies Is Victim Of Good Intentions
Twitchy: Eric Swalwell Claims “Every Poll” Shows Americans Support Biden’s #BuildBackBetter, Gets Rekt, also, “NOT A Republican Vs. Democrat Thing”- Thread Goes into Detail About How Bad Government Is At Everything
Louder With Crowder: Biden Booed At Congressional Baseball Game – May Have Been By Own Party
Vox Popoli: Welcome To The Unvaccinated, Third World People, and The Nurses Know

American Conservative: Navigating NYC’s COVID Mandates
American Greatness: The Coordinated Attack On Ivermectin Is A Crime Against Humanity, also, Democrat Attack Ad Against DeSantis Backfires Badly
American Power: Inside Biden’s Controversial Decision To Abandon Bagram, also, The Authoritarian Left
American Thinker: The Saladin Paradigm – Finding The “Good” In Islamic Terrorists, also, Choosing Senility Over Substance
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Tax & Spend News
Babalu Blog: Equity In Communist Cuba, also, The Smackdown Heard Across Latin America – Uruguay Puts Cuba In Its Place
BattleSwarm: Matthew Dowd Running Against Dan Patrick For Texas Lieutenant Governor
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, also, A Mars Mesa Carved By Floods & Lava?
Cafe Hayek: Bryan Caplan Pens An Open Letter To University Presidents
CDR Salamander: Words Begat Actions Which Create History, also, Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: The $64,000 In New York, also, My Strategy For Fighting COVID Lockdowns & Mandates
Don Surber: Only 45% Trust Biden On COVID, also, #BLM Increased Black Murders By 2,164 (28%) In 2020
First Street Journal: Feminista Jones Calls out The Philadelphia Inquirer, also, The Lexington Herald-Leader And Photos Of Accused Criminals
Fred On Everything: FDR’s Secret Plea to Hitler
The Geller Report: Manchin Trashes Democrat Spending Bill – “Fiscal Insanity”, also, Marine Who Rescued Baby In Kabul Under Investigation For Appearing With Trump
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, My Upcoming Work Schedule
Hollywood In Toto: Did Joe Rogan Just Become The Media’s Public Enemy #1? also, Why Many Saints Of Newark Is For Sopranos Fans Only
Legal Insurrection: The College Fix Launches New Database To Track Cancel Culture On Campus, also, Legal Scholars Detail The Fight Against CRT In Public Schools
Nebraska Energy Observer: TV Democrats
Outkick: Good News Chicagoans! Now, When You Get Shot, There Are Local Bleed Stations, Farewell To Our Friend Matt Loede, and Paul Finebaum Thinks Clemson’s Dynasty Is Over
Power Line: COVID Morgue RIP, The Manchin Proviso, and How Crazy Are The Democrats? This Crazy
Shark Tank: Byron Donalds – House Spending Bill Is “Not What America Needs”
Shot In The Dark: School Daze, also, You May Ask Yourself
The Political Hat: Corona-Chan Madness In Australia – Door To Door Interrogation, Choking The Maskless, & Firing On Protesters
This Ain’t Hell: Nazi On The Run, Milley Confirms The Most Egregious Part Of Woodward’s Book, and PTR, Kahr, Mossberg…
Transterrestrial Musings: Milley’s Dishing, also, Self-Replicating Protocells
Victory Girls: Border Patrol (But Not Illegals) Faces Jab Mandate, also, Our Supply Chain Is Hanging By A Thread
Volokh Conspiracy: House Votes To Apply Mandatory Draft Registration To Women
Weasel Zippers: “No Need To Dumb This Down”, also, Officials Believe Over 350,000 “Migrants” Heading For Border
The Federalist: How Turning Christianity Into A “Nice People Club” Is Destroying The Church, also, Leftist School Board Association Begs Biden To Target Concerned Parents With Domestic Terrorism Laws
Mark Steyn: Live Around The Planet, also, The Post-Democratic Era

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