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In The Mailbox: 10.04.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

I grow weary of posting memes. Have some Komi for your Monday.

Red Pilled Jew: Monday Memes
357 Magnum: A Flaw Microsoft Wouldn’t Fix
EBL: LTC Scheller Rejects Trump’s Help
Twitchy: AG Merrick Garland Mobilizes FBI Against Parents, also, Kirsten Powers Doubles Down On Defending Jerks Who Harassed Senator Sinema In The Ladies’ Room
Louder With Crowder: F*** Joe Biden Week 5 In College Football, And Dave Portnoy Enters The Chat
Vox Popoli: About Time, Sajid Should Get Another Job, and Hiding The Body Count
Stoic Observations: Deep Blues

Adam Piggott: Off The Grid Communities, also, Detailed Information On The Poison Jab
American Conservative: Shots & Being Fired
American Greatness: Heroes Of The Pandemic, also, Our Woke National Icons
American Power: Democrat Clashes Hold Up Biden’s Agenda After Rocky Month, also, Mob Justice is Trampling Democracy
American Thinker: Life In Centrifugal USA, also, LTC Scheller is The 21st Century Billy Mitchell
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: More Than 300 Protests For Freedom In Cuba During September, 12th Player Defects From Cuban National Baseball Team In Mexico, and  Fidel’s Buddy Diego Maradona Enjoyed Life In Cuba As A Coke-Addled Pedophile
BattleSwarm: George Soros Just Dropped Half A Million Dollars To Oppose Hiring More Austin Police, also, Profane Meditations On Current Vexations 
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, William Shatner To Fly On Next Blue Origin Suborbital Launch, and Italy Switches From Arianespace To SpaceX For Launch Contract 
Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: Fat Leonard II – Electric Boogaloo?
Da Tech Guy: The Left’s Dirty Little Secret, The Military Still Doesn’t Understand Social Media, and Five Sports Thoughts Under The Fedora
Don Surber: Afghanistan, Not Manchin, Blocks Biden, The $4 Trillion Infrastructure We Need, and Media Must Back Trump’s Lawsuit Against Twitter
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, also, The Internet Is Forever…And So Is Stupidity
The Geller Report: Majority Of Trump Voters Want Red States To Secede, also, Biden’s Democrats Preparing For Another 350-400,000 Illegals At The Mexico Border In October
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Cosmic Leftovers, and Nothing To See Here, Move Along
Hollywood In Toto: How A Serial Killer’s Capture Unfairly Stained Body Parts, also, Cancel Culture Isn’t Done With Morgan Wallen
The Lid: No, Bad Orange Woman, Trump NEVER Told People To Inject Bleach
Legal Insurrection: Fauxcahontas Praises Afghan Withdrawal – “An Amazing Undertaking”, Penn State To Work With Schools To “Reimagine” K-12 Education With Social Justice & Climate Change, and NASA Shoots Down Petition To Rename “Homophobic” Space Telescope
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Movie Music
Outkick: Tennessee Wins First SEC Game, Womens’ Pro Soccer League A Mess, and Urban Meyer Seems To Be Taking The Jags’ 0-4 Start Just Fine
Power Line: That Was The Week That Was, The Week In Pictures – Biden’s Terrible No Good Weak Edition, and Our Under-Incarceration Problem (Northern Virginia Edition)
Protein Wisdom: The Return Of Protein Wisdom
Shark Tank: Nikki Fried Vows To Veto All Abortion Bills As Governor
Shot In The Dark: Urban Progressive Privilege – Boundaries, also, Peak Minnesota
The Political Hat: Genderfae Or Genderfloret
This Ain’t Hell: Stupid People Of The Week, Another Seven Are Known, and RedState Reports MG Donahue Kicked Up To 100 People Off The Last Flight From Kabul To Make Room For War Trophy 
Transterrestrial Musings: The New Secession Movement, The Insurrection Hoax, and A Bad Day For Facebook
Victory Girls: Sotomayor Denies NY Teachers’ Appeal Of Jab Mandate, also, Alyssa Milano’s Off Her Meds Again
Volokh Conspiracy: “White Racial Consciousness” As A Dangerous Progressive Product
Weasel Zippers: Harris In Frantic Damage Control Mode After Applauding Student Who Accused Israel Of “Ethnic Genocide”, also, TikTok “Celebrity” Dies In High-Speed Crash While Transporting Illegals
The Federalist: If Occasional Cortex Wants To “Tax The Rich”, Why Not Start With Joe Biden? also, As The Christian Cold War Heats Up, The Faithful Prepare For Battle
Mark Steyn: Truth & Consequences, The Triumph Of The Feel, and Alexander’s Ragtime Band

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