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Who Killed Sir David, and Why? UPDATE: ‘Somali Heritage,’ Motive Unknown

Posted on | October 15, 2021 | Comments Off on Who Killed Sir David, and Why? UPDATE: ‘Somali Heritage,’ Motive Unknown

It’s almost midnight in England now, and many hours have passed since the news broke that Sir David Amess, a Tory member of Parliament, was stabbed to death during a meeting with constituents:

Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after the attack at a church in Leigh-on-Sea.
They recovered a knife and are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. A counter terrorism team will lead the investigation.

Nothing whatsoever can be learned about the identity of the stabber, or the motive for his deadly attack. Surely by now, police must know who this man is, and why he did what he did, yet it is remarkable — and rather suspicious, really — that the press has reported nothing about it.

One immediately suspects that this must be Islamic radicalism, but that is mere suspicion. The one thing we can almost certainly rule out is any sort of “right-wing extremist” motive, because the press would have been shouting that from the rooftops already, were it so. Probably by Saturday afternoon, or Sunday at the latest, we’ll have most of the details, and then we’re likely to get some huffy sermons against “Islamophobia.”

All we have now is suspicion and speculation, so until we get more, it’s best to reserve judgment. Stay tuned . . .

UPDATE: Well, this didn’t take long:

A 25-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murdering Amess on Friday is believed to be a British national with Somali heritage, official sources have told the PA news agency. . . .
The UK’s Counter Terrorism Command will lead the investigation into the murder, police said later Friday. “It will be for investigators to determine whether or not this is a terrorist incident. But as always, they will keep an open mind,” Ben-Julian Harrington, Chief Constable of Essex Police, told reporters.

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