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Virginia, Brace Yourselves

Posted on | October 27, 2021 | Comments Off on Virginia, Brace Yourselves

We’re now less than a week away from Election Day, with the Virginia gubernatorial race too close to call, and I want all my Virginia readers to prepare themselves psychologically for the nightmare ordeal of these final few days. The agonizing wait, constantly checking to see what new poll has been published, or what TV ad is rolling out — the last week of the campaign is always a nerve-wracking ordeal for political junkies.

Meanwhile, you’re being bombarded with Bidenism:

President Joe Biden leaned into Terry McAuliffe’s core campaign strategy to tie Republican Glenn Youngkin to former President Trump and nationalize Virginia’s toss-up gubernatorial race.
“I ran against Donald Trump. Terry is running against an acolyte of Donald Trump,” Biden said to a crowd of about 2,500 braving a chilly, windy night in Arlington.
Not long ago, McAuliffe warned that Biden being “unpopular” meant that Democrats would have to work harder through “headwinds from Washington,” and Biden’s approval ratings have dipped further since then.
But with recent gubernatorial race polls showing a dead heat between the former Democratic governor, who is seeking a second non-consecutive term, and Republican Glenn Youngkin, a former private equity firm co-CEO, McAuliffe turned to Biden to give him a boost with one week before Election Day.
“Talk about an oxymoron: Donald Trump and election integrity,” Biden said, appearing to refer to Youngkin’s election integrity platform that he pushed during the Republican primary. “I can’t believe he puts the words Trump and integrity in the same sentence.”
Much of his speech was not about Youngkin but was a response to Trump and a defense of his performance as president.
“Trump likes to boast the single best measure of the economy is the stock market. I never thought that. Well, if that’s true, take a look at the stock market now. It’s higher than it’s ever been,” Biden said.
Biden’s second appearance in Virginia for McAuliffe, despite coming only barely across the river and just a stone’s throw from the Pentagon, demonstrates a full-court press approach among national Democrats in fear of losing the race in an embarrassing upset. A loss in Virginia, where off-year state elections have historically been a barometer for midterm elections, would damage Biden’s image and Democratic enthusiasm.
The president is just the latest in a parade of Democrats coming to stump for McAuliffe in the critical final weeks of the toss-up campaign.
Former President Barack Obama campaigned with McAuliffe in Richmond over the weekend, and Vice President Kamala Harris campaigned for McAuliffe last week in addition to filming a “Souls to the Polls” ad to be played at black churches.

The best way to react to this is to ignore it. Just go vote, and encourage your neighbors to do the same, and do your best to tune out the frantic chatter from the desperate Democrats. Read a book. Watch a movie. Do whatever it takes to calm your mind amid the campaign madness.



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